Malappuram Plus 1 student’s suicide: Kerala education minister V Sivankutty denies seat shortage as cause

The minister's reaction came as the LDF government is facing intense criticism from opposition parties regarding the alleged shortage of seats in schools for higher secondary students in Malappuram.


Published Jun 12, 2024 | 4:41 PM Updated Jun 12, 2024 | 4:41 PM

Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty. (comvsivankutty /Facebook)

Kerala General Education Minister V Sivankutty on Wednesday, 12 June, said the suicide of a female student in the Malappuram district was unfortunate but dismissed reports that she had taken the extreme step because she did not get a seat for plus 1 during the admissions process.

The minister’s reaction came as the Left government is facing intense criticism from Opposition parties regarding the alleged shortage of seats in schools for higher secondary students in the northern district of Malappuram.

While speaking in the Assembly, the minister said the details of the cause of death of the 10th pass-out student of the state-run school in Parappanangadi were sought from the police.

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Explains admission process

“As per the preliminary information, it is understood that there is no chance for the student not getting a seat. Only the first phase of the allotment has been completed. The second phase of allotment and the community quota admission are beginning today,” he said.

Almost all students will get admission by the third phase of allotment, the minister explained.

After this, there would be supplementary allotments and classes would begin only on 24 June, Sivankutty said, adding that all students would be ensured admission in various courses by that time.

“It is very painful that the child bid adieu without waiting for this,” he said, and requested (the media) not to cause any mental stress to students and parents through “unnecessary discussion” about the plus one admission.

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