CPI(M)’s anti-Muslim campaigns helped BJP win Lok Sabha seat in Kerala, alleges IUML supremo

The IUML candidate for Lok Sabha polls won in Tamil Nadu's Ramanathapuram where the total Muslim population is just 18 percent, he said.


Published Jun 15, 2024 | 6:09 PM Updated Jun 15, 2024 | 6:09 PM

IUML leader alleges anti Muslim campaign by CPIM

The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has launched a scathing attack against the ruling CPI (M) alleging that its “anti-Muslim campaigns” during the Lok Sabha polls had also helped the BJP to open its account in Kerala by winning the Thrissur seat.

A key partner in the opposition Congress-led UDF, the IUML termed as a “mere joke” the Marxist party’s campaign that if there was no Left, the Muslims would become second class citizens in the country.

The CPI (M) often chose “double-edged tactics” for their marketing and the “BJP reaps what the Left party sows,” claimed IUML supremo Sadique Ali Shihab Thangal in an interview that appeared on party mouthpiece “Chandrika” on Saturday, 15 June.

He urged everyone, including the Left party to introspect the reasons that contributed to the victory of the saffron party and its increasing vote share in Thrissur.

“There are many reasons for this…One is clear…The anti-Muslim campaigns carried out by the CPI (M) have also helped the BJP…. The BJP reaps what the CPI (M) sows,” he said.

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Thangal further said that if one examines the influential areas of the IUML, everybody would be convinced about its strength to defend the Sangh Parivar ideologically.

Even when the BJP won the Thrissur constituency, the Congress-UDF candidate got the majority in Guruvayoor assembly segment where the IUML has a strong presence, he pointed out during the interview.

The IUML candidate for Lok Sabha polls won by over one and a half lakh votes in Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu where the total Muslim population is just 18 percent, the leader added.

The IUML had won three seats – Malappuram and Ponnani – in Kerala and Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu in the crucial Lok Sabha polls.

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