Planning a beach-hopping trip in Kerala? We have the perfect list of ‘crowd-free’ beaches for you

Kerala has some of the best beaches in the world and some of them still remain lesser-known. With summer here, plan a trip through these spectacular beaches.

ByMarina Paulose

Published Apr 28, 2023 | 9:30 AMUpdated Apr 28, 2023 | 9:30 AM

Planning a beach-hopping trip in Kerala? We have the perfect list of ‘crowd-free’ beaches for you

Scorching summers and cool beaches go hand-in-hand. And with the temperature on the rise, there’s nothing like cooling off on one of Kerala’s many underrated beaches.

It goes without saying that no other place can even come close to beating Kerala when it comes to having an eclectic blend of the most incredible beaches, perfect for a summer getaway.

Kerala Beach Summer Vacation

A secluded beach with ample privacy is a rare joy. (Aswin Chembath/Unsplash)

From beaches with nothing but stretches of golden sand lined with endless palm trees, to beaches where the view is unparalleled, Kerala has it all — making it the ideal place to go beach-hopping this summer! Be it with the gang or a solo trip, travellers have a smorgasbord of locations to choose from.

If you are looking for a beach vacation in Kerala but not at a place bursting with tourists and hordes of people, we have curated the perfect list for you with five lesser-known yet gorgeous Kerala beaches for your trip this summer:

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1. Chowara beach

Chowara beach is perfect for anyone looking to simply get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and just spend some time relaxing on a stretch of golden sand looking at the waves.

Chowara Beach Kerala

Get a glimpse of rural coastal life at Chowara Beach. (Biju Joswin/Flickr)

“I remember making a trip to Kovalam Beach last year and to my absolute dismay, it was legit flooded with people which totally killed my mood. I wanted to sit on the sand and stare at the waves in solitude, like they do in the movies,” 25-year-old software engineer Annie James from Bengaluru tells South First.

“That’s when a group of local kids suggested I make a trip to Chowara beach, which was not really as tourist-infested as Kovalam,” says James.

Chowara is just about 8 km south of the bustling, internationally-known and resort-infested Kovalam.

Besides just chilling on the sand, you can also visit the Chowara Ayyappa Temple that is situated on an immaculate hilltop location from which the view is simply magnificent.

You will also see fishermen busy making constant trips into the sea as they manoeuvre their boats against the huge waves, giving you a view of the rural coastal life.

The crystal-clear waters, calm atmosphere, and isolated location make Chowara beach the perfect escape.

“If you visit Chowara, there is a unique factor of the beach that you must check out for sure. The beach is located close to the mouth of the Neyyar river where it meets the sea. What happens then is a convergence of the river and the sea, creating a natural bay of sorts and the ideal spot for some light swimming. Trust me, it’s awesome!” James adds.

How to reach by rail: The nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram Central, which is about 20 km away from Chowara beach.

How to reach by flight: The nearest airport is the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, which is about 24 km from the beach.

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2. Kappil beach

When one thinks of beaches in Kerala, the name that pops up — after the internationally-known Kovalam — is that of the beautiful Varkala beach, known for its fascinating stretch of golden sand, mostly sought by those who crave a holiday filled with solitude.

Kappil Beach Kerala

A little ahead of the ‘touristy’ Varkala, lies the charming & quiet Kappil Beach. (Srinivasa S/Flickr)

But what if I told you that just a little distance ahead of Varkala was another charming little beach that not many people know about?

Unlike Varkala or Kovalam beaches, which are popular tourist hotspots, the idyllic and quaint Kappil beach, which is of the lesser-known yet charming beaches in Kerala, is perfect to just bask under the sun, enjoying the isolation and privacy.

It’s also an ideal place to simply drive around and enjoy the best of nature in all its green and blue glory.

“The road above the natural blending cliffs with the Arabian Sea in Varkala is not really suitable for bike rides as it is too narrow and way too crowded. However, sometimes, I go off-road through a non-tarred road on my way to Kappil beach and am treated to a magical view of the sea,” 22-year-old PR executive Vishal Matthias from Kochi tells South First.


Don’t miss the beach road with the Edava Nadayara Lake on one side & the Arabian Sea on the other.  (Rahul Chakraborty/Unsplash)

“Riding on the beach road is a particularly awesome experience, with the beautiful Edava Nadayara Lake on one side and the blue Arabian Sea on the other. Do not miss it at any cost!” Matthias adds.

The ultimate combination of the spectacular backwaters and the vast sea, the pristine Kappil beach with its golden sands is just waiting for visitors looking for a scenic spot to enjoy gorgeous sunsets and the soothing sounds of crashing waves.

How to reach by rail: The nearest railway station is Varkala, which is approximately 7 km away.

How to reach by flight: The nearest airport is the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, which is about 55 km away.

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3. Kizhunna-Ezhara twin beaches

Another amazing addition to the list of pristine “crowd-free” beaches in Kerala are the scenic Kizhunna and Ezhara beaches — just 2 km apart.

Kizhunna Ezhara Beach

The scenic Kizhunna & Ezhara Beaches guarantee ‘crowd-free’ relaxation. (Nivedh Kannur/Flickr)

If you want to enjoy a typical movie-like, beach-cation where all you do is stroll along a solitary stretch of golden sand, or just stare pensively at the waves in complete seclusion as you contemplate life… Ezhara beach is for you.

Kizhunna beach, on the other hand, is all about enjoying a magnificent view of sun and waves right along the soft sand, the row of crimson cliffs and dark rocks combined with the endless coconut trees. The natural coves can give a sense of privacy to tourists, making it an ideal spot to chill by yourself or just relax with your friends and family.

“The Kizhunna and Ezhara beaches are my regular picnic spots now. It’s a blessing I live close by in Kannur and have access to these magnificent beaches. I hardly go about advertising this place to anyone because I love how quiet and serene it is… and tourists pouring into this place will just ruin it,” 28-year-old data scientist Neeraj Kanan tells South First.

“I just hop on my bike with everything I need tied into a rucksack, sometimes a couple of my friends tag along. We go swimming in the shallow cove and end the day by watching the glorious sunset. It’s the perfect weekend getaway if all you want to do is sunbathe, swim and stroll about,” Kanan adds.

How to reach by rail: The nearest station is the Kannur Railway Station, a little over 11 km away.

How to reach by flight: The nearest airport is the Calicut International Airport which is about 95 km from Kannur.

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4. Chavakkad beach

Just 5 km away from the famous pilgrimage town of Guruvayur is the beautiful Chavakkad beach, which is another spot ideal for those looking to just while away time doing absolutely nothing and just enjoy the azure waters, the sandy coastline dotted with swaying palm, and coconut trees.

Chavakkad Beach Kerala

The idyllic Chavakkad Beach is the perfect date spot. (Saashraj/Unsplash)

“My wife and I have been coming here since our college days as we think it’s the best spot for a romantic date. Candle-light dinners on the soft sand, or taking long romantic strolls along the golden beach, no matter how many times we visit this place, its charm never fades. The sheer privacy we get thanks to how there are almost no tourists here is just the cherry on the cake,” 31-year-old businessman Evin Thomas tells South First.

Another featured element of the beach is the “Azhimukam”, which is the convergence of river and sea, making it a spectacular jewel of nature to see. Visitors can also take a dip here while witnessing the amazing phenomenon.

With hardly any commercial activity and almost no crowds, one can enjoy the beach with privacy.

How to reach by rail: The nearest railway station is Guruvayur which is about 5 km away.

How to reach by flight: The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport, which is about 79 km away.

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