15-year-old missing case reopened in Kerala after anonymous tip-off; Police launch murder investigation

The Ambalappuzha Police received an anonymous letter over two months ago, disclosing shocking details about the disappearance of Kala, a woman who went missing in 2007.  

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Published Jul 02, 2024 | 5:57 PM Updated Jul 03, 2024 | 12:22 AM


A startling development has shaken the town of Mannar in Alappuzha, Kerala, as authorities reopened a 15-year-old missing person case after an anonymous tip-off, revealing a gruesome murder plot.

The Ambalappuzha Police received an anonymous letter over two months ago, disclosing shocking details about the disappearance of Kala, a woman who went missing in 2007.

According to the letter, Kala was allegedly murdered inside a car and her body dumped in a septic tank at her residence in Mannar. The investigation gained further momentum after the letter tipped off authorities about the murder, allegedly committed by Kala’s husband Anil and his friends.

Confirming a breakthrough in the long-standing mystery, Alappuzha SP Chaitra Teresa John has confirmed that the case has now been classified as a murder investigation.

“We have received credible evidence and have registered an FIR,” SP Chaitra Teresa John stated.

The septic tank, still intact since the original house was demolished and rebuilt, is now being excavated by police. Locals had raised suspicions about the intact bathroom and septic tank in the new house.

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Allegations of murder, cover-up

The case, which had gone cold over the years, saw a breakthrough following the anonymous tip-off that led the police to reopen it. Initially reported missing by Anil, the case took a shocking turn with suspicions now pointing towards Anil and four acquaintances.

According to SP Chaitra Teresa John, preliminary findings suggest that personal issues may have been the motive behind Kala’s disappearance and alleged murder.

Anil, who had filed the missing person report years ago, has since remarried and is currently residing in Israel. He has now been identified as the primary suspect in the case. Efforts are currently underway to facilitate his return from Israel.

The anonymous letter further alleged that one of Anil’s friends, had threatened his wife, ominously saying, “I will kill you like her,” hinting at a potential cover-up.

Local accounts suggest that Anil’s family disapproved of Kala, whom he had married against their wishes. The couple had a son together.

The murder allegedly came to light when a participant in a drinking party revealed the secret, prompting the anonymous tip-off.

According to the local accounts, Anil convinced Kala to go on a trip. They were joined by four others.

They stopped at a toddy shop in Kuttanad, where they paused before resuming their travel. It was after leaving the toddy shop that Kala was allegedly murdered.

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Investigation underway

Kala’s parents have passed away, and her siblings, one of whom is differently abled, did not pursue the case further.

A police team initiated searches at Anil’s residence, and investigation is now underway. A special team has been constituted to investigate the case, which has remained unresolved for over a decade and a half.

Five persons, including two previously involved in a crude bomb case, are now in custody.  The police are probing various aspects of the case, including the exact circumstances, location, time and those involved in the crime.

The forensic team, present at the crime scene, reportedly discovered an important evidence, which was carefully transferred into a bottle for further examination.

This would verify whether the findings constitute human remains and, if so, determine if they belong to Kala.

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