When Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah shared his failed inter-caste college love story

Karnataka CM recalled his love story during his student days and extended full support and cooperation to inter-caste marriages.


Published May 24, 2024 | 9:47 PMUpdatedMay 24, 2024 | 9:47 PM

Karnataka CM on inter caste marriages

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah opened up to the public at an event in Mysuru on Thursday, 23 May recalling his failed ‘love story’ due to casteism in society.

During an event on inter-caste marriage on the occasion of ‘Buddha Poornima’, the full moon night when Gautam Buddha was born, the CM went on a flashback to his college days.

“I wanted to have an inter-caste marriage but it did not happen. The girl did not accept it,” Siddaramaiah said. Elaborating further, he said, “When I was studying I had fallen in love with a girl. Don’t mistake me. I had thought of marrying her but her family and also the girl did not agree. Hence, the marriage did not happen.”

“A situation emerged where I had to marry a girl from my caste only. My marriage happened within my community,” Siddaramaiah added.

The audience appreciated the CM’s candid admission with claps, laughter and cheer.

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CM extends support to inter-caste marriages

Extending his full support and cooperation to inter-caste marriages, Siddaramaiah promised that his government will offer all assistance for inter-caste marriages.

According to him, efforts to abolish casteism and build equality in society have been happening since the time of Gautama Buddha and 12th Century AD social reformer from Karnataka, Lord Basaveshwara.

He rued the fact that the efforts of many social reformers to build an equality-based society did not bear results yet.

He said there are only two ways to eradicate the social evil of casteism. “There are two ways to abolish casteism – one is inter-caste marriages and the second one is socio-economic empowerment among all communities. Social equality cannot happen in a society without socio-economic upliftment,” Siddaramaiah said.

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