Safety concerns: Dakshina Kannada administration bans trekking, water activities till end of monsoon

According to the district administration, the monsoon rains are expected to be brisk, leading to a high risk of natural disasters. All adventure activities are therefore suspended until further notice.

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Published Jul 07, 2024 | 4:01 PM Updated Jul 07, 2024 | 4:01 PM


With the monsoon season this year expected to bring widespread rains, the Dakshina Kannada administration has implemented precautionary measures to avoid potential calamities in this regard.

The District Disaster Management authority has issued an immediate order restricting trekking and adventure activities across the district.

The order is aimed at safeguarding public safety and mitigating potential calamities such as landslides, hill collapses, lightning strikes, and falling trees in the region. According to the district administration, the monsoon rains are expected to be brisk, leading to a high risk of natural disasters.

The prohibition includes all forms of trekking organised by home stays, resorts, and the Forest Department until the end of the rainy season. Additionally, all adventure activities are suspended until further notice.

Violation of this order will result in penalties under Section 51B of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, and related rules and regulations.

Residents and tourists have been strongly advised to exercise caution and refrain from activities that could endanger their safety. The district administration has urged cooperation from everyone during the monsoon season.

The order will remain in effect until authorities deem it safe to resume trekking and adventure activities. For updates and further information, the public can contact the District Disaster Management Authority or local authorities.

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Ban on water activities during monsoon

The Deputy Commissioner MP Mukhi Muhilan has also issued an order prohibiting the public and tourists from engaging in water-related activities in the district.

The order, effective immediately, bans entry into water, swimming, and adventure activities in waterfalls, streams, rivers, seas, and reservoirs throughout the district.

The district administration has cited the potential risks associated with water activities during the monsoon season, including flash floods, strong currents, and landslides, as the reason for imposing this ban.

This decision has been taken in public interest and will remain in force until further orders. The authorities urged the public to cooperate fully and avoid any activities that could put them at risk.

The order aims to ensure public safety and prevent calamities in the region. The district administration has advised the public to exercise extreme caution and avoid venturing into water bodies until the ban is lifted.

(Edited by Shauqueen Mizaj, with inputs from Mahesh M Goudar)

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