Raid on rave: Bengaluru top cop B Dayananda denies presence of MLA, says female actor was present

The denial comes amid the presence of a vehicle with the MLA pass of Andhra Pradesh Minister K Govardhan Reddy.

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Published May 21, 2024 | 1:17 PM Updated May 21, 2024 | 1:17 PM

Raid at a rave party in Bengaluru

A day after the raid by the Bengaluru City Crime Branch on a rave party in Bengaluru, City Police Commissioner B Dayananda on Tuesday, 21 May, spoke with the press in Bengaluru.

The police officer while denying the presence of elected representatives, confirmed the presence of a female actor, in this party.

The denial comes amid the presence of a vehicle with the MLA pass of Andhra Pradesh Minister K Govardhan Reddy.

However, the police have on Monday, 20 May, said that the minister or his men were not present at the party.

B Dayananda told reporters: “On the midnight of 19 May, the Bengaluru City Crime Branch officers and staff – based on information— have raided a farmhouse on the outskirts of Electronic City.”

Rave party: Bengaluru police arrest 5, seize drugs; Andhra MLA’s pass found in car

101 present, five arrested

“They have found 101 persons participating in this party. On a detailed search, several narcotic substances including MDMA, Hydro Ganja and Cocaine have been seized from the farmhouse.” The police commissioner stated that the case was registered at Electronic City Police Station.

Confirming the number of people arrested, the said, “A total of five people have been arrested— they are organisers or found possessing narcotic substances. At the time of the raid, some people had thrown narcotic substances outside and in the swimming pool.”

He added: “Police dog squads have played a key role in identifying the hidden narcotic substance at the farmhouse and inside vehicles. There were no elected members present at the party, but an actress was there.”

The police commissioner did not disclose the identity of the female actor.

While there were reports of Telugu actor Hema being present at the premises, Hema dismissed the reports. In a video statement on Monday, she said that she was in Hyderabad.

According to the sources, “Most of them are techies from Hyderabad. The CCB has recovered 15 gm of MDMA, 6 gm of cocaine and 6 gm of hydro marijuana and other narcotic substances.”

The event conducted between 5 pm (18 May) and 6 am (19 May) was said to be a birthday party organised by a Hyderabad-based individual named Vasu.

The party was estimated to cost ₹50 lakh a day, sources said.

Additionally, more than 15 luxury cars were also parked on the premises.

Ongoing medical tests

Commissioner further said: “We have collected blood samples of the remaining people and are waiting for the medical report. Based on the reports, further action will be taken.”

“Most of the people that were in the party belonged to other states. After learning that the farmhouse falls under the Bangalore Rural Police limits, we are transferring the case to Hebbagodi Police Station.”

“The investigation is underway. We cannot disclose any further details. We will also be ascertaining the roots of narcotic substances that were supplied to this party,” stated the police commissioner.

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(Edited by Sumavarsha Kandula, with inputs from Mahesh M Goudar.)