Passenger asks to be paid for seat exchange on an airplane; Netizens react

Meanwhile, as the tweet went viral, the user advised to follow his trick with caution, he wrote, 'Be prepared for an angry look and insults.'

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Published Apr 09, 2024 | 2:52 PMUpdatedApr 09, 2024 | 2:52 PM

Airplane seat exchange

Wishing to sit together as a family or a group during any travel is considered one of the important aspects of the journey and the trip as a whole.

However, most of the time, when travelling by air or other public transport, one doesn’t get the seats together. In such cases, asking co-passengers to exchange is something most people do.

Whether the co-passenger exchanges or not is another issue.

However, the issue of seat exchange is once again in discussion due to a viral tweet.

The user Mahesh, shared about his recent experience on the flight out of Bengaluru.

He tweeted on Thursday, 7 April “On a flight out of BLR., and told her I paid xxx for that seat. Wonder why she looked so pissed off. What did she expect me to do, jump up & out of Someone asked if I could move to a different seat so their family could sit together. I said sure and that I accept cash/GPaymy seat?”

The tweet has now gone viral, with many sharing their opinions on this issue, mostly supporting him while sharing their experiences.

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A common phenomenon

A user by the name of Fernández shared that it is a common occurrence, explaining further, she said, passengers try to sneak into business or first class after takeoff and just take a seat.

Another user Swetha expressed her displeasure towards such “flippant” demands.

A user by the name Ritu, shared her personal experience of people occupying her designated seat, and expecting her to “adjust”.

A user by the name of Kumaun Warrior too shared their experience.

While Mrs Palakkadan guessed that the co-passenger might have offered a middle seat.

A person by the username Zorba joked saying, “people act as if they’d get lost in the flight.”

Another user too shared similar sentiments.

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The other side 

However, a couple of people shared their experiences of exchanging seats.

A user by the name, Ashwini shared that, when they wanted to exchange the seat, her co-passenger was kind enough to do it, after paying the extra seat charges.

Another user Negi shared that he would exchange his seat, if the other person was travelling with kids.

Meanwhile, as the tweet went viral, the user Mahesh advised to follow his trick with caution, he wrote, “please be prepared for a REALLY angry look at first followed by a couple of muttered insults, n plenty of mumbling.”