Netizens roast BJP MP for his ‘anything with domes is a mosque’ remark, show him Mysuru Palace and SC

The right-wing hardliner has set an ultimatum of four days to remove the dome-shaped structure on a bus shelter. If not, he would bulldoze it.

ByBellie Thomas

Published Nov 15, 2022 | 1:50 PMUpdatedNov 15, 2022 | 5:07 PM

The newly constructed bus shelter on Ooty Road near Mysore near Radisson Blu Hotel

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Mysuru-Kodagu, Pratap Simha, stoked a controversy on Sunday, 13 November, when he declared all structures “that have one big dome flanked by two smaller domes are mosques”.

He made the statement at a book launch event in Mysuru. A portion of his speech chiding Tipu Sultan’s legacy ended with him taking offence to a bus shelter with a dome-like design on its roof.

Simha was referring to a bus shelter with three domes near JSS College on Nanjangud Road towards Ooty Road in Mysore. “I have come across photos of bus stops with dome-like structures. If there is a big gumbaz (dome) in the middle and two smaller ones next to it, it is nothing but mosques. I have given four days for the engineers to clear those or else I am going to bulldoze it down myself,” Simha told the audience, who cheered him with applause for his dig at the mosques and the minority community as a whole.

The MP’s comments may have drawn him applause and even appreciation from pro-BJP and right-wing supporters. But Simha’s declaration that all buildings with a dome are mosques led to severe criticism from opposition party leaders and citizens alike, with many showing his photos of Mysuru Palace and even Karnataka’s legislature Vidhana Soudha which has several dome-like structures.

Mysuru Palace, Supreme Court even Vidhana Soudha?



One netizen posted photographs of the Supreme Court and Vidhana Soudha’s domes and asked” “What about these buildings?”

Another one posted a picture of the Mysore Palace and wondered: “This is Mysore palace, will he bulldoze it too?”

Another netizen was practical: “First build bus shelters and stop talking such nonsense.”

Another netizen replied: “The bus stop looks so beautiful to me, a Hindu.”

And a witty social media user posted: “I think they also feel threatened by umbrellas, thinking they’re mini travel-friendly mosques.”

When South First contacted Simha, he said he stumbled upon the bus shelter on social media and collected information regarding the same. The newly constructed bus shelter was close to the JSS College in Mysuru on the National Highway on Ooty Road near the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Simha said that when he inquired about the bus shelter with the engineers he learnt that they have not obtained the NOC to construct it. “The bus shelter with that kind of dome, a big one in the centre and two smaller ones on either side, is a replica of a mosque,” Simha reiterated.

However, knowing that he was being roasted on social media, Simha said that the Mysuru Palace tomb and the domes are that of Indo-Saracenic architecture, also known as Indo-Gothic, Mughal Gothic, Neo-Mughal or Hindu style. British architects used the revivalist architectural style in India during the late 19th century.

However, the Indo-Saracenic architecture drew stylistic and decorative elements from native Indo-Islamic architecture, especially Mughal architecture, which the British regarded as the classic Indian style, and less often from Hindu temple architecture. With the MP who has given the engineers four days to remove the domes, it remains to be seen what is the fate of this bus shelter near the college.