Kerala: Elephant injured after suspected train hit in Palakkad; loco pilot booked

As the elephant is currently unable to stand due to suspected injuries to its hind legs, Forest officials are providing medical assistance.


Published Apr 12, 2024 | 6:42 PMUpdatedApr 12, 2024 | 6:42 PM

Palakkad Elephant train hit

Two days after a female elephant, suspected to have been hit by a train, was found injured in an area adjacent to the forest in Palakkad, Forest Department officials on Friday, 12 April, registered a case against an unidentified loco pilot in connection with the incident.

As the elephant is currently unable to stand due to suspected injuries to its hind legs, forest officials sprang into action providing medical assistance and food.

However, the officials said the prognosis was not good.

Forest Veterinary Officer from Thrissur Division David Abraham told media that the jumbo has been lying down since Thursday morning and all efforts to raise the elephant have failed.

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‘No external injuries’

“There are no external injuries but it seems like there are internal injuries. The elephant reached this spot after the suspected accident on Wednesday. but since yesterday morning it has been lying down and unable to stand up. As of now, the prognosis is not good,” Abraham said.

He also said all necessary facilities from the nearby elephant rehabilitation centre have been made available at the location and veterinary experts have examined the animal.

The elephant is currently lying down in a forest region near Kottekkad Railway station in Palakkad district.

The Forest department said veterinary experts have been giving medicines and food to the injured jumbo which has been responding in a feeble manner.

Meanwhile, Walayar Forest Range Officer told PTI, that a case has been registered in connection with the incident suspecting that a train might have hit the wild elephant.

“We are investigating. We received information about an injured elephant on Wednesday morning. We have inspected the locality and found certain evidence which may indicate it was hit by a passing train. A case has been registered against the loco pilot,” the Forest officer said.

The Forest department has now arranged a temporary facility at the site to provide medical assistance to the elephant.

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