India can’t be prosperous if people don’t understand its Constitution: Karnataka Minister Mahadevappa

The Constitution awareness campaign was launched by the state government to make citizens aware of their rights, responsibilities and duties.


Published Feb 23, 2024 | 3:26 PMUpdatedFeb 23, 2024 | 3:26 PM

Karnataka Social Welfare Minister HC Mahadevappa. (X)

Karnataka Social Welfare Minister HC Mahadevappa has said a prosperous India cannot be built if people do not understand the Constitution properly.

The Minister spoke to PTI regarding the mega Constitution and National Unity Convention on Saturday, 24 February, which the Karnataka government is organising at the end of a month-long statewide constitution awareness campaign covering almost all the villages.

The convention will be inaugurated by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah at the Palace Grounds in Bengaluru.

Constitution awareness campaign

The Constitution awareness campaign was launched by the Karnataka government on 26 January to make citizens aware of their rights, responsibilities, and duties to commemorate 75 years of the adoption of the Indian Constitution.

There is no meaning to freedom if economic and social independence is not provided to the people, the Minister said.

Since the objectives of the Constitution have not been achieved even after 75 years of independence, economic and social inequality is visible everywhere, he pointed out.

“If we do not understand the Constitution, how will we be able to build a prosperous India? The Constitution is not limited to SC/ST reservation alone. It is only an opportunity given to the downtrodden communities to elevate themselves,” he added.

Mahadevappa noted that the objective behind organising the month-long event was to educate people about the initiatives taken in the country to strengthen democracy.

Expressing concern over rising communalism in the country, he said, “Sensitive matters and faith related topics are getting prominence in politics. People’s problems are sidelined and God and religions are taking the centrestage.”

Mahadevappa stressed that the initiative was apolitical, secular, and casteless. It is being organised ‘to save constitution by spreading awareness about it.

“If we save our Constitution, then it will also save us,” he added.

According to him, faith-related matters are very personal, but today religion is being given prominence as the political parties work against the spirit of the Constitution.

“If the political parties behave like this then who will protect the constitution?” Mahadevappa wondered.

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Spreading awareness

After the Republic Day on 26 January this year, committees were formed comprising the deputy commissioners and the district in charge ministers, who were assigned duties.

“We used tabloids, distributed pamphlets in over 6,000 Gram Panchayats, Town Panchayats, and City Panchayats, conducted seminars, drama, dance, cultural events, debates, and discussion at the school and college level all over the state to spread awareness about the constitution,” the Minister explained.

The campaign has covered about 5,400 Gram Panchayats and people from all walks of life participated in it.

According to officials in social welfare department, 1.35 lakh plastic bottles were used to make an art installation named “Namma Constitution” by the Tumakuru district administration.

A large number of students came together to collect 1,35,000 empty water bottles and 305 members including Tumakuru deputy commissioner and Panchayat chief executive officer worked for over 15 days to put together the “Namma Constitution” installation in Kannada.

As part of the campaign, Chamarajanagara Milk Union Limited (ChaMUL) in association with Chamarajanagar district administration printed the awareness messages on all the milk packets supplied by the Milk Union.

The messages read “Our Constitution, Our Pride. Let us celebrate the Constitution” in Kannada. It seeks to remind an estimated 5 lakh consumers about the importance of the Constitution every day.

About 50 tableaux explaining citizen rights and duties and upholding the importance of the Constitution and national unity went around in each district of Karnataka.

During the campaign, some women drew Rangoli in celebration, while hundreds of students read out excerpts from the Preamble to drive home the salient points of the Constitution.

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