‘If you are busy getting appalled…’ Siddaramaiah schools EAM Jaishankar over stranded Kannadigas

Jaishankar drew ire of pro-Kannada activists for deeming Siddaramaiah's appeal over stranded Hakki-Pikki tribe members in Sudan as 'politics'.

BySouth First Desk

Published Apr 19, 2023 | 1:12 PM Updated Apr 19, 2023 | 3:51 PM

Siddaramaiah vs Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar drew the ire of Kannada activists and Congress leaders alike after he deemed an appeal by Siddaramaiah as “politics”.

The twitter spat between the two leaders over members of the Hakki-Pikki tribe stranded in violence-torn Sudan ended with Siddaramaiah schooling Jaishankar on his job as EAM.

It all started with an appeal Siddaramaiah made via a tweet urging the Union government to ensure the safe return of 31 people from Karnataka stranded in Sudan.

Siddaramaiah pointed to how members of the Hakki Pikki tribe were left stranded without food and the Union government was yet to initiate the process of bringing them back.

S Jaishankar was quick to accuse Siddaramaiah, a former chief minister, of “playing politics” and said he was “appalled”.

While Jaishankar’s stance was endorsed and reiterated by several other BJP leaders including the likes of MP and BJYM President Tejasvi Surya, the external affairs minister came under severe fire for attributing political motives to an appeal for help.

In fact, several publications in Karnataka highlighted that those stranded in Sudan were from the Hakki Pikki tribe. Siddaramaiah was not the first to highlight the same.

Not the one to take the rude reaction by the Union minister lying down, Siddaramaiah reminded Jaishankar his job as EAM with a tweet dripping sarcasm.

Leaders of the BJP accused Siddaramaiah of politicking over the incident with the 10 May Karnataka Assembly elections in mind. Several pro-Kannada handles and other twitter users from the southern states called out EAM Jaishankar for his attempt at politicising an appeal.