Hubballi murder: Police arrest two for social media post; Fayaz’s father apologises to Neha’s family

They allegedly uploaded pictures of the victim Neha and the accused, Fayaz, with the caption, "Neha Fayaz true love, justice for love".

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Published Apr 21, 2024 | 12:41 PMUpdatedApr 21, 2024 | 12:41 PM

Fayaz's mother Mamtaz recalled Neha Hiremath as a good girl. (X)

Demanding maximum punishment for his son, the father of 23-year-old Fayaz, who allegedly killed the daughter of a Congress councillor inside a college campus in Hubballi, has apologised to the victim’s family and said his son should be given strict punishment.

Baba Saheb Subani, a school teacher and Fayaz’s father told media on Saturday, 20 April, that he came to know about the incident around 6 pm on Thursday and was completely shocked and shattered by his son’s act.

“He (Fayaz) should be punished in a way that no one dares to do such a thing in future. With folded arms, I apologise to Neha’s family members. She was like my daughter,” he said with teary eyes.

Subani said that he and his wife have been living separately for the past six years and that Fayaz stayed with his mother and called him whenever he needed money. He last spoke to his son about three months ago.

Meanwhile, police have arrested two youths who justified the murder of Neha Hiremath allegedly by Fayaz Khondunaik on their social media handles.

The accused from Dharwad were arrested on Saturday, after a few pro-Hindu activists lodged a complaint alleging that the duo had posted content claiming that Neha and Fayaz were in a relationship.

According to the complainants, they allegedly uploaded pictures of the victim Neha and the accused, Fayaz, with the caption, “Neha Fayaz true love, justice for love”.

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Recalls past instance

Fayaz’s father recalled that around eight months ago, Neha’s family had called him to inform him that his son was troubling their daughter.

Admitting that his son made a mistake, he said that Fayaz and Neha loved each other and were in a relationship.

“Fayaz told me he wanted to marry her but I refused it by folding my hands,” he added.

Condemning his son’s act, Fayaz’s father said that no one should commit any such atrocities against women.

“I request the people of Karnataka to forgive me. My son has done wrong. He will be punished by the law of the land and I welcome it. My town has got a black mark because of my son. People of Munavalli (Fayaz’s hometown) please forgive me. You raised us. Please forgive me,” he cried with folded hands.

However, the victim’s family has been demanding that the accused be hanged to death and only then will their daughter’s soul rest in peace.

They maintained that their daughter was not in a relationship with Fayaz and said the accused stabbed Neha because she rejected his proposal.

The incident

Neha Hiremath (23), daughter of Congress Councillor of Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation Niranjan Hiremath, was allegedly stabbed to death on the campus of BVB College on April 18.

The accused Fayaz, who fled the scene, was arrested by police subsequently.

Neha was a first-year MCA student and Fayaz was earlier her classmate.

The incident triggered a public outrage with protests in Hubballi, Dharwad and several other places.

The BJP accused the Congress government of being soft on anti-social elements, which resulted in this incident as the ruling party tried to project it as an incident from a personal angle.

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Fayaz’s mother apologises

On Saturday, the mother of Fayaz apologised to the victim Neha’s family for her son’s act and demanded strict punishment for him.

With folded arms and tears in eyes, the accused’s mother Mamtaz, a teacher said, “I apologise to the people of Karnataka as well as Neha Hiremath’s family for what my son has done. It is a great injustice to Neha and her family.

“What my son has done is completely wrong and we hang our heads in shame. What he did is a big mistake and he should be given strict punishment as per the law of the land,” she said.

Speaking to reporters in Dharwad, she said that her son and Neha were not just friends. They were in love and wanted to marry.

Mamtaz recalled Neha as a good girl. She said came to know about their relationship a year ago.

“It was Neha who made the first move and took his phone number. My son did tell me about Neha and that he was in love with her and they wanted to get married. But I had suggested that he first focus on his career.

“My son was very brilliant and always secured above 90 percent marks since LKG and UKG days. He wanted to become an IAS officer and was also a University Blue (bodybuilding competition) champion,” she said.

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