Ex-PM HD Deve Gowda warns grandson Prajwal Revanna of ‘total isolation’, demands his return

In a public statement shared on X, Gowda addressed the gravity of the situation and demanded immediate action against Prajwal if found guilty.

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Published May 23, 2024 | 5:41 PMUpdatedMay 24, 2024 | 12:31 PM

Prajwal Revanna and HD Deve Gowda with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders of BJP and JD(S) on 14 April, 2024. (X)

Under severe criticism over his grandson Prajwal Revanna’s alleged misdeeds, former Prime Minister and Janata Dal (Secular) patriarch HD Deve Gowda has issued a “stern warning” to the JD(S) MP from Hassan.

Gowda’s statements come in the wake of serious allegations against Prajwal, who is accused of multiple counts of sexual abuse.

In a public statement shared on social media platform X, Gowda minced no words as he addressed the gravity of the situation and demanded immediate action against Prajwal if found guilty.

“I have issued a stern warning to Prajwal to return immediately from wherever he is and surrender before the police. He should subject himself to the legal process. He should not test my patience any further,” Deve Gowda declared in the post.

The veteran politician did not shy away from expressing his anguish over the distressing turn of events.

“It took me some time to recover from the shock and pain he has inflicted on me, my entire family, my colleagues, friends, and party workers,” Gowda said in the post.

He reiterated his firm stance on justice, affirming that if found guilty, Prajwal should face the harshest punishment under the law.

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Gowda addresses criticism, calls for accountability

On the public scrutiny and criticism faced by his family, Gowda said, ” People have used the harshest words against me and my family in the last few weeks. I am aware of it. I will not try to argue with them that they should have waited until all the facts were found out.”

Dismissing allegations of shielding Prajwal, Gowda emphasized his commitment to truth and justice.

“I cannot convince them that I have no desire to shield him. I cannot convince them that I am not aware of his movements, and that I was not aware of his foreign trip,” he said.

“I will not venture to comment on political conspiracies, exaggerations, provocations, and falsehoods that have been maliciously spread in recent weeks,” Gowda further said in his post.

However, he underscored the importance of Prajwal’s compliance with legal proceedings and urged him to surrender to the authorities without delay.

In a stern warning to his grandson, Gowda cautioned, “If he does not heed to this warning, he will have to face my anger and the anger of all his family members. The law will take care of the accusations against him, but not listening to the family will ensure his total isolation.”

Furthermore, Gowda ensured that there would be no interference in the ongoing investigation from him or his family members.

“There is only the cause of justice for those who have suffered as a result of his alleged actions and misdeeds,” he said.

Concluding his statement, Gowda expressed gratitude to the public for their unwavering support throughout his political career and vowed never to let them down.

(Edited by Shauqueen Mizaj)