Chikkaballapur MLA Pradeep Eshwar exits Bigg Boss Kannada amid public outcry and Opposition backlash

The spokesperson from Colors Kannada confirmed to South First that Eshwar was one of the contestants in season 10 of Bigg Boss Kannada.

ByMahesh M Goudar

Published Oct 10, 2023 | 4:14 PMUpdatedOct 10, 2023 | 4:14 PM

Colors Kannada promotion of Bigg Boss Kannada where Congress MLA Pradeep Eshwar was seen participating in the reality show. (Screengrab)

After facing severe criticism from the Opposition and the public alike, Chikkaballapur MLA Pradeep Eshwar is said to be stepping out of the Kannada version of the popular reality show Bigg Boss on Tuesday, 10 October.

The spokesperson of Colors Kannada confirmed to South First that Eshwar was one of the contestants in this year’s Bigg Boss Kannada show.

After stepping out of the reality show, Eshwar told reporters, “I had been to the reality show for only three hours. I went to motivate the contestants. I will also welcome the criticism from the opponents.”

Big Boss Kannada season 10 started on 8 October. It features 18 contestants including senior journalist Gaurish Akki and Kannada actor Tansiha Kuppanda.

Pradeep Eshwar is the first MLA to participate in Bigg Boss Kannada.

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Opposition criticises Eshwar

As soon as the news broke about the first-time Congress MLA being a participant in the reality show, it sparked a massive debate given that the state, including his own constituency, is reeling under severe drought conditions this year.

Opposition leaders, including BJP’s former minister Dr K Sudhakar, criticised the Congress MLA for participating in Bigg Boss Kannada in the midst of a drought.

Following the criticism, Eshwar on Tuesday decided to step out of Bigg Boss Kannada.

However, there were mixed responses from the people, with some supporting the Congress legislator and others opposing his decision to take part in the reality show.

In the recently-concluded Assembly elections, Eshwar shocked everyone by defeating BJP’s incumbent minister Dr K Sudhakar from the Chikkaballapur Assembly seat.

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Complaint filed against Eshwar

Eshwar is known for his motivational speeches and of late is also considered a social media sensation. However, this time, he has landed in controversy after being seen in the Bigg Boss Kannada promotion on Monday evening.

This controversy erupted despite the fact that he had told the media that he was taking part in a popular Kannada reality show. “I will donate all the remuneration earned through this reality show to orphans,” Eshwar had said.

Criticising Eshwar, BJP former minister Dr K Sudhakar told reporters in Chikkaballapur on Monday, “Chikkaballapur MLA has gone to Bigg Boss Kannada. There is no example of an MLA participating in this reality show.”

He added that Eshwar has become a meme material for the people, which is unacceptable.

Kannada activist CM Shivakumar also filed a written complaint against the Congress MLA before Karnataka Legislative Assembly Chairman UT Khader on Monday. Shivakumar told reporters, “I have demanded that he be ousted as the MLA of Chikkaballapur.”

“Being an MLA, he should hear the grievances of the people. It is bizarre that he is taking part in a reality show. This is unacceptable. He should behave responsibly as he is an elected representative,” he added.

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Colors Kannada confirms participation

Initially, however, there was confusion regarding whether Eshwar was a contestant or a guest in the ongoing reality show in Colors Kannada.

On the condition of anonymity, the spokesperson of Colors Kannada told South First, “As per the briefing I received, MLA Pradeep Eshwar is a contestant for this season.”

“We had approached Eshwar asking him to participate in the reality show. Every contestant will be paid as per their stay in Big Boss. Likewise, the Chikkaballapur legislator will also be remunerated,” added the spokesperson.