BJP MP calls Siddaramaiah ‘Siddaramulla Khan’, Chief Minister dubs BJP ‘anti-Muslims’

BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde alleged that Karnataka is becoming bankrupt under the Congress government, which wants to loot the state.


Published Feb 24, 2024 | 11:02 PMUpdatedFeb 25, 2024 | 2:13 AM

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah Belagavi woman assault Nadda

Calling Chief Minister Siddaramaiah “Siddaramulla Khan”, BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde has alleged that Karnataka is becoming bankrupt under the Congress government led by him, which wants to loot the state to garner votes.

Hitting back at Hegde, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dubbed the BJP as “anti-Muslims” and “anti-Minority”.

“Modi brought more than 370 schemes or programmes for the benefit of the people. Whether it is for agriculture, horticulture, industries, housing, Jan Aushadhi — in almost all sectors he has introduced programmes for the welfare of the people. He has not launched programmes that left the government bankrupt… he has rather strengthened it. India has today emerged as the fifth largest economy,” Hegde, a former Union minister, pointed out.

Taking a dig that the CM

Speaking at a party event, Hegde said that Prime Minister Modi never compromised on the nation’s interest and his government’s guarantees have only made the country grow stronger.

“But our Siddaramulla Khan here — he claims to have given guarantees, but there is no money to pay salary to government employees, for development works, to give funds for MLAs, more than ₹11,000 crore SC/ST funds are being diverted. The state government is becoming bankrupt. Modi did not give such a guarantee,” he added.

Distinguishing between Modi’s guarantees and “Siddaramulla Khan’s guarantees”, Hegde alleged that Congress wants to loot the state to get votes.

“I have never seen such a disgusting government. I have seen several Congress chief ministers, also Janata Dal government, but had never seen such a government,” he said, as he also claimed that only “Siddaramulla Khan” has issues over tax devolution and grant-in-aid to the state by the Union government, while other states don’t.

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Siddaramaiah reacts

Reacting to Hegde calling him “Siddaramulla Khan”, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said the BJP is “anti-Minority”.

“They (BJP) speak about sabka-saath-sabka-vikas, but they oppose Muslims. If not, why will he (Hegde) call me Siddaramulla Khan?” he asked. “They are anti-Minority.”

Seeking to know whether any government staff has complained of non-payment of salary, the Chief Minister said, “Anantkumar Hegde is someone who spoke about changing the Constitution. Is he fit to be an MP? If such a person makes such statements, what value will it have?”

Responding to Hegde’s claim that no states other than Karnataka have raised the issue of central funds to states, he pointed out that even Kerala and Tamil Nadu have protested. “Injustice happened to all states, especially southern states.”

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