All 47 BMCRI students discharged from hospital; Number of cholera cases in Karnataka now at 8

47 PG students of the institute, including two diagnosed with Cholera were admitted to Victoria Hospital on Saturday.

ByChetana Belagere

Published Apr 08, 2024 | 5:43 PMUpdatedApr 08, 2024 | 5:43 PM

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PG resident students of BMCRI girls hostel are heaving a sigh of relief after all 47 of them who were admitted to the Victoria Hospital with severe gastroenteritis, including two with confirmed cholera, have been discharged from the hospital.

The girls are also happy that the BMCRI has finally acknowledged the dire situation of the hostel, and the authorities are making efforts to thoroughly clean the entire place.

In a statement to media, Dr Ramesh Krishna K, Dean and director of BMCRI said, “As of 7th April, all 47 patients from BMCRI have been discharged.”

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Clean-up efforts underway at the hostel

The dean and director of the institute also said that the efforts are to ensure the cleanliness of the hostel.

The statement said, “Kitchen is closed and continuous disinfection is in progress”. Meanwhile, the authorities, along with cleaning the entire premises, are also repainting it, as stated to the media.

Kitchen at BMCRI girls' hostel being cleaned

Kitchen at BMCRI girls’ hostel being cleaned (supplied)

While the students complained about the quality of food and suspected that the water was contaminated, the test report of water sample came back negative for Cholera.

However, Dr Ramesh Krishna said that “food is being given to the students from Victoria Hospital kitchen and ⁠R.O water tanks are being cleaned & serviced. Three more R.O water filters will be installed. Bisleri water cans & dispensers are kept for students until they are ready,”

The students confirmed that the cleaning process at the hostel including the bathrooms, sinks and floors are underway.

Cholera cases in Karnataka

With the two cases amongst these girls testing positive for cholera, the number of cholera cases in the month of April have gone up to 8.

Five cases have been confirmed within the BBMP limits, with an additional three in the Bengaluru urban areas.

Clogged sink has been repaired and clean water being supplied to the BMCRI girls' hostel.

Clogged sink has been repaired and clean water being supplied to the BMCRI girls’ hostel. (Supplied)

Except for the two cases in BBMP, the other cases are sporadic in nature.

It can be noted that commissioner for Health and Family Welfare Department, D Randeep, had earlier clarified to the media that there was no outbreak of Cholera in the state.

In the last four months, the state has registered only 14 cases of cholera, all of which were sporadic incidents, he had said.

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