Power outage in Telangana hospitals forces doctors to use flashlights; Government seeks report

On Wednesday night, doctors were seen treating patients at Bhuvanagiri Government Hospital using mobile torchlights.

BySumit Jha

Published May 23, 2024 | 12:18 PMUpdatedMay 24, 2024 | 11:26 AM

Patients had to wait with IV fluid bottles, while doctors relied on mobile phone lights. (Sourced)

The Telangana government has sought a report on the power outage in a few hospitals, inconveniencing staff and patients.

In the past two days, power outages affected at least two government hospitals, including a super-specialty one.  The outages armed the Opposition BRS to target the Congress government in Telangana.

On Wednesday, 22 May, night, doctors at the Bhuvanagiri Government Hospital were seen using mobile phone flashlights to examine patients, after the institution had plunged into darkness.

A woman undergoing treatment said the hospital was without power for over an hour.

On Tuesday night, MGM super-specialty hospital in Warangal experienced a similar situation.

Patients, who were to be put on IV fluids, too, were affected. Since the beds were not prepared due to the outage that reportedly lasted five hours from 4.30 pm, they were seen outside wards holding the IV fluid bottles.

Many patients left the wards unable to bear the summer heat. The power supply was restored by 9.30 pm.

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BRS fires at government

Former health minister and BRS MLA T Harish Rao criticised the government for the widespread power outage.

“What more proof do we need of the power cuts in the state? Yesterday, the emergency department of MGM Hospital was without electricity or treatment for five hours. Today’s power cuts at Bhuvanagiri Government Hospital have made life hell for the patients,” he said on X.

“People from all sections, including farmers, are facing many difficulties due to these power cuts under Congress rule. Even critically-ill patients in emergency departments are suffering. Is this the change we were promised? Is this the so-called ‘kingdom of Indiramma’,” he asked.

“Leaders who claim there are no power cuts in the state, open your eyes. Leave politics aside and focus on administration,” Rao said.

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Health department clarifies

The health department reported an interruption in the power supply to MGM Hospital from 6.15 pm on 21 May due to VCB (vacuum circuit breaker) issues between the main HT lines and MGM power lines.

However, the back-up generators at the Hospital ensured uninterrupted power supply to critical patient care areas, including the emergency, ICU, operation theatres, specialty and super specialty blocks, and wards.

“The patients in the dialysis wing continued their treatment through battery backup. By 9 pm, full power supply to MGM Hospital was restored through the repair of HT lines and defective breakers by the NPDCL engineering wing,” the department said.

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Minister seeks report

Minister for Health, Medical, and Family Welfare C Damodar Rajanarsimha reviewed the situation at 11 am on 22 May.

The minister instructed the Managing Director of the Telangana Medical Services & Infrastructure Development Corporation to submit an inquiry report within 24 hours, identifying any lapses.

Additionally, the managing director has been directed to deploy engineers to inspect all government hospitals on a war footing and to submit a report within a week.

“They shall assess the functionality of backup power systems and repair or replace non-functioning generator systems, especially in view of the upcoming monsoon season, to avoid such incidents in the future,” the health department said in a statement.

(Edited by Majnu Babu)