Manipal Hospitals partners with life coach Anil Srivatsa to promote organ donation globally

Anil Srivatsa is a prominent life coach based in Bengaluru, who has been advocating for organ donation for a decade.

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Published Jun 19, 2024 | 5:34 PM Updated Jun 19, 2024 | 5:34 PM

Organ donation

Ahead of World Organ Donation Month, Manipal Hospitals and a prominent life coach from Bengaluru Anil Srivatsa have joined hands to boost global awareness and bust myths surrounding organ donation.

Anil Srivatsa, the founder of the Gift of Life Adventure (GOLA) is set to embark on travel across the globe starting from Bengaluru in July and reach Germany ahead of the World Transplant Games 2025, making it his 100th country.

Anil Srivatsa has been advocating for organ donation for a decade. He donated one of his kidneys to his brother after his renal failure. Anil says it was then, that he saw the prevalent misconceptions and reluctance surrounding organ donation within India.

His journey includes being the first athlete to traverse over 40,000 miles (64370 km) across 17 countries, culminating in representing India at the World Transplant Games 2023 in Perth, where he achieved notable success. His ongoing efforts through the Gift of Life Adventure Foundation have helped him solidify his pioneering role in advocating for organ donation.

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‘A global movement’

Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman of Manipal Hospitals, emphasized the transformative impact of Anil’s advocacy, stating, “Anil Srivatsa’s dedication has not only saved lives but also catalyzed a global movement. Manipal Hospitals is honoured to support this initiative, reinforcing our commitment to healthcare innovation and community welfare.”

Expressing gratitude towards Manipal Hospitals for the collaboration, Anil noted, “My journey in organ donation advocacy has been driven by a deep desire to save lives and dispel myths. The global response and the tangible impact on countless lives reaffirm my belief in the power of collective effort and humanitarian responsibility through love and compassion.”

Central to their joint efforts is the LIFT UP (Life Increasing Funded Transplants for the Underprivileged) Project, an initiative launched by Manipal Hospitals, Hebbal and The Rotary Club of Organ Donation, co-founded by Anil Srivatsa.

This project aims to provide economically disadvantaged individuals with essential kidney transplants and post-operative care.

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(Edited by Sumavarsha Kandula)