Empowering women, nourishing lives, and revolutionising the health food industry with ‘SHE’

Srikanth Siram's journey is one of empowerment, nutrition, and transformation, leaving a mark on the food industry and the lives of countless women.

BySuman Sayani

Published Dec 30, 2023 | 3:06 PMUpdatedDec 30, 2023 | 3:06 PM

SHE is the first women-only social commerce initiative.

Meet Srikanth Siram, an entrepreneur and the visionary founder of Yazas. His life’s mission goes beyond mere profit margins and market shares; it’s centred on empowering women who want to be entrepreneurs through the concept of “SHE” – the Super Home Entrepreneur.

Srikanth’s journey is one of empowerment, nutrition, and transformation, leaving an indelible mark on both the food industry and the lives of countless women.

His motivation

The roots of Srikanth’s inspiration are deeply embedded in the story of his mother — a woman of wisdom and aspirations who, despite her academic ambitions, prioritised marital obligations. This poignant family backstory instilled in Srikanth a profound understanding of the essential role of women’s financial independence and their significant contribution to the professional world.

SHE flyer. (Supplied)

SHE flyer. (Supplied)

Narrating his journey to South First, Srikanth says, “When the mother of a household is educated, her children are educated, society is educated, and the country is educated. I always believed that it applied in an economic sense as well.”

He reminisces about his mother, his role model, who had to abruptly leave academics to get married. “Though she was a smart and intelligent woman, she never had her own earnings and was always dependent on my father for funds.”

From a young age, witnessing similar stories unfold around him fueled Srikanth’s anger, compelling him to believe that active participation of women in the workforce would tremendously boost the economic might of the country and the world.

With this focus, he embarked on a journey to make women economically independent, giving rise to the first women-only social commerce initiative, SHE.

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Become an entreureupner with SHE

Subsequently, he launched Yazas Foods, with the goal of making nourishing food products accessible and affordable to as many consumers as possible.

Food and organic cleaning products. (Supplied)

Food and organic cleaning products. (Supplied)

For his food products to find their way into households, he realised that the approval had to come from the women of the house — thus his business goal. He ensured that he tapped into the sentiment of women, manufacturing pure organic cleaning and personal hygiene products as well.

“This was my Eureka moment — to combine my passion for women’s financial independence and the most effective marketing strategy to reach the decision-maker,” says Srikanth.

That’s how the programme Super Home Entrepreneur took shape. A digital platform was soon launched, inviting any woman to join.

According to Srikanth, SHE enables women to become micro-entrepreneurs, providing a platform for them to run a virtual store through the company’s app known as “Yazas”.

With a range of products, from nutritious foods in Yazas to organic home cleaning products in PRV Enterprises (the sister concern of Yazas), both projects being part of the SHE — Super Home Entrepreneur programme reflect his belief in the transformative power of combining business acumen with social responsibility.

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Do everything online; it helps women

Srikanth’s SHE programme is more than just a business model; he calls it a movement. By empowering women to run their own virtual stores, SHE offers a unique opportunity for women to gain financial independence and make impactful decisions.

These SHE Partners play a crucial role in marketing and distributing products from Yazas and other household brands, directly influencing consumer choices and household economics.

As the focus of SHE is to ensure women get into entrepreneurship, Srikanth has intelligently adopted a virtual model that eliminates the barriers of initial investment, inventory management, or physical set-up, making it an accessible venture for women from various backgrounds.

Yazas’s approach transcends traditional business boundaries, targeting societal health and individual empowerment. This unique combination of nutritious products and empowering business models places Yazas at the forefront of a new wave in the health food industry.

“It’s not just about selling products; it’s about fostering a culture of health and providing opportunities for women to thrive as entrepreneurs,” Srikanth explains.

The initial success of SHE is evident, with 15 partners already actively participating, and the ambition is high. With a target to onboard 1,000 SHE Partners by the end of the current financial year, Srikanth is not only expanding his business but also creating a ripple effect of empowerment across communities.

This programme, along with Yazas’s innovative product channels, positions Srikanth not just as a business leader but as a catalyst for social change, driving economic empowerment for women and setting new standards in the health food industry.

(Visit www.shepartner.in for more information)