Creating an army of metabolic health coaches: Know all about dLife courses

In a market flooded with self-proclaimed experts, stands out for its commitment to authenticity and evidence-based practices.

ByChetana Belagere

Published May 27, 2024 | 9:00 AM Updated May 27, 2024 | 9:00 AM

Team dLife. (Supplied)

South First — the media partner for’s second Metabolic Health Conference (co-organised by Metabolic Health India) — is bringing you a series of articles on the low-carb diet and its benefits, myths surrounding carbohydrate-heavy diets, recipes, and programmes offered by, and much more.

As the world grapples in frenzy with the rising metabolic epidemic,, a platform launched by Anup Singh, a silver medalist from IIT, Roorkee, India, emerges as a beacon of hope for the millions of diabetics and metabolically compromised people around the globe and especially in India.

Read on to know the story of one man, fondly called the “Big Daddy of Indian Low-carb” and also the “antifragile” that rose against the systemic paralysis of non-responsive medical protocols in reversing T2 Diabetes and created a revolution in the Indian Diabetes remission space with his own success story.

Singh, a 14th-year pill-free T2 diabetic developed a revolutionary “less than 100-gram carb per day” template that worked wonders on the largely vegetarian Indian population who were looking for Diabetes remission. He launched a cutting-edge training platform designed for Indians.

This platform, now the single biggest in the world, empowers, coaches, trains and supports individuals in their journey towards better metabolic health through low-carb dietary approach.

In a market flooded with self-proclaimed and non-certified experts, stands out for its commitment to authenticity and evidence-based LCHF (Low-Carb High Fat) dietary intervention practices through its globally acclaimed diploma course.

This course promises to revolutionise how we understand and manage our health, empower individuals to take control of their well-being with unprecedented precision and confidence and go off pills in a matter of a few months.

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Story behind the launch of 

In 2011, Singh, who had been diagnosed with diabetes, tried the low-carb diet himself, following a template of “100g of carbs per day” and began writing about it on many international forums.

dLife team. (Supplied)

dLife team. (Supplied)

Although he was banned on many platforms for stressing the possibility of nutrition helping in diabetes remission, he refused to give up and continued to write about his own success story through his 100gms carbs/day template.

Several people who decided to try Singh’s mantra of keeping their carbohydrate intake below 100g and increasing their protein intake — whether vegetarians or non-vegetarians — began to see significant changes in themselves within weeks.

“As people started adopting Singh’s mantra, more and more success stories started emerging from across the world. There are hundreds of testimonials from people thanking Anup for his suggestions that helped them get off pills, reverse diabetes, save their kidneys, eyesight or helped them reduce weight. It was almost as if a revolution was being stirred up silently, especially for Indian Diabetics, who were clueless on how to go low-carb. Indians are largely vegetarians and eat grain-heavy meals. Most people were rehashing the western Keto Model of beef-bacon-eggs thinking it to be LC and failing, naturally. It was Anup, who with his 100gm mantra, set the carb knob for Indians and established that the Indian low-carb is not the western Keto.” said Ira Sahay, the Media Head of

Singh explained to South First that while researching on diet as part of diabetes treatment, he based his mantra on hard-core science that said that the liver’s glycogen-holding capacity is only around 120g.

Taking into account any computing errors too, one will not exceed 120g per day if the carb intake on a vegetarian Indian diet is limited to 100g. This number had never been arrived at in India before.

In 2014, Singh decided to launch an online platform,, where he aimed not only to train people about his low-carb, high-protein template to combat metabolic health diseases but also to share thousands of Indian recipes and create a huge community for people, especially Indians, to share their learnings and success stories.

Several people who were on international platforms following Singh’s 100g low-carb per day strategy and saw success, joined as soon as it was launched.

Singh, being the pioneer of this method, saw immediate success among those who adopted it, leading more people to join, making it a grand success and likely the biggest platform of low-carb resources in the world. Membership on dLife platform was initially free and was only later made into a paid model after 3.5 years.

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Over 2000+ Indian recipes now boasts of 10 years of curated, premium, low-carb data and content that no other single low-carb platform in the world has.
The platform features a robust forum where all members, experts and coaches interact, fostering a vibrant community of knowledge sharing.

It also has a huge library with over 180+ podcasts and original Indian recipes posted by members themselves. What’s unique is that all recipes are auto-computed to their last macros and micros and the end users know exactly what and how much they are eating.

There are about 2000+ vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes on the forum. “If you post a dish and the weight of the ingredients you have used, it is auto-computed to give out the detailed macros of the recipe. Forget the three macros of carbs, proteins, and fats — even the minerals are calculated,” explained Sahay.

She said dLife is the only platform in the world where each Indian recipe has its macros calculated to its last macro, so users know exactly how much carbs they are consuming with each dish. Our recipes are highly recommended by global low-carb giants like Dr David Unwin and others, to their patients.

Shashikant Iyengar has spent 35 years in pharma sector, before he quit the job to become a full-time metabolic coach. “dLife equipped me with knowledge on low-carb nutrition. The support group in the forum is fantastic. dLife with 2000+ low carb recipes is a fantastic resource to rely upon,” he said.

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Top-notch course in Low-Carb Nutrition and Metabolic Health

Singh and his team developed the concept of training individuals to become certified Metabolic Health Coaches, who can then take up clients/patients one-on-one and help them adopt a low-carb lifestyle, not just for diabetes remission but also for a healthier lifestyle and the prevention of metabolic health diseases. In 2020, they launched a unique course to achieve this goal.

Singh launched India’s first low-carb course, “Low Carb Nutrition and Metabolic Health,” in 2020. Unlike other low-carb nutrition courses focused on sports nutrition, this course is unique in addressing India’s rising metabolic health epidemic.

Sahay said that there is no competitor in the realm of metabolic health in India. is the only platform that uses a low-carb, high-fat diet for disease reversal through nutritional intervention. And only dLife can train and certify people legally as we are the only ones in the space of metabolic health or reversing diseases through low-carb dietary intervention.

“We are the only legally tenable course in India under the Skill India programme of the Government of India, offering dual certification,” she said.

“One certification is Indian and the other is from CPD, one of the largest accrediting agencies in the world. Similar to Continued Medical Education (CME) for doctors, Continued Professional Development (CPD) is applicable for all non-medical courses, and even doctors can take this course to earn points for their professional development,” she added.

Jasmeet Kaur is among those who benefitted from Singh’s success mantra. “The dlife nutrition course empowered me to make a career shift from being an experimental nuclear scientist to become a certified metabolic health coach. Anup’s personal story of diabetes remission inspired me to make a similar career leap. I owe success in this field to the dLife Diploma Course,” she said.

The diploma course is the only one offering dual certification—Indian and international. The Indian certification is provided by an NSDC partner and the international certification is issued by the CPD SO UK office. This dual certification enables those trained under to be recognised as national and international coaches, allowing them to practice as dLife certified metabolic health coaches in nearly 44+ countries.

Mandar Gadre, an alumnus of IIT-Bombay, is a dLife-certified coach, who runs a fitness studio in Pune. “As a Fitness Studio, now FITholic stands apart from the crowd due to my Diploma Certification from dLife,” Gadre, now a full-time metabolic health coach said.

“I practice as a metabolic health coach and have several success stories of putting chronic diseases in remission – diabetes, hypertension, PCOD. It is a unique service we offer at FITholic, with tremendous value. The dLife Diploma not only covers all scientific and practical aspects of chronic disease remission, but also comes with a supportive & electrifying community to hand-hold newer coaches,” he testified.

How can this course help you?

The dLife Diploma course is the only one in India that trains people to reverse metabolic diseases through a low-carb dietary approach. Nineteen doctors are currently studying the course that will put them ahead of their peers with a “legally certified” qualification in low-carb nutrition. And this number will grow.

With over 3000+ success stories, 2000+ recipes, 10 years of curated data, discussion threads, Diploma course has turned out to be an unparalleled goldmine of resources that come bundled with the course, for no extra cost.

High carb intake is a major cause of insulin resistance, leading to metabolic diseases, making a platform like indispensable in today’s health landscape.

The dLife forum itself has been reviewed by the biggest names in low carb. “We have reviews from renowned doctors like Dr David Unwin, Dr Gary Phettke, Amy Berger, David Diamond and the biggest names in global low-carb,” Sahay further said. “And when you get all these resources along with the course itself, it makes us the best in the market.” coaches have got references from several international community of medical doctors for authenticity and credibility.

Who should enroll?

The course, Sahay said, is for everyone who is either working in the healthcare industry or is interested in learning low-carb nutrition and wants to reverse metabolic diseases through low-carb dietary intervention or is a Doctor. With 19 doctors currently doing our course it is clear that scope and market of the course is absolutely critical, indispensable and huge.

“Doctors are realising that pills are largely non-responsive and hence TCR should be the first line of intervention,” she said.

“The medical protocol, in most metabolic syndromes, is non-responsive. Besides the doctors enrolled with us are also continuously working with other doctors who need our help to get their patients off pills. We keep receiving several referrals from doctors even internationally and many Indian doctors are our clients too who want to improve their own metabolic syndromes,” she added.

Meanwhile, the common man who wants to manage metabolic diseases like fatty liver, uric acid, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc., should know that going low carb can help them improve significantly and can get them off pills too in a matter of 3-6 months approximately.

The dLife diploma course is for those who want to make a career in nutrition or low carb nutrition and practice as metabolic health coaches to reverse diseases. The courses are centered around “Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction” as a mantra and dietary intervention to reverse metabolic disorders.

Globally acclaimed course

The platform offers its globally acclaimed diploma course in Low Carb Nutrition and Metabolic Health. The Low-Carb Nutrition and Metabolic Health Diploma is a self-paced six-month course, which can be completed in six to nine months from the date of enrolment.

Interestingly, the course is updated every two years with additional content. It focuses on the application of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction to manage metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, PCOS, hypertension, and insulin resistance.

Singh, who founded in 2014 and launched India’s only legally tenable course in “Low-Carb Nutrition and Metabolic Health”, said his goal is to build an army of highly qualified metabolic health coaches, including prominent doctors, IIT-ians, engineers, graduates and other professionals who can go all out there and work with people.

Even if there are 20,000 dLife coaches in the market tomorrow, they will still be less for a country like India, with a huge population and also its burden of diseases. Currently, 152 are enrolled and 75 have completed the course with positive reviews.

The highly focused and diverse dLife team ensures that the enrolees receive the highest quality education, grounded in scientific rigour and also practical application. By leveraging the expertise of these distinguished professionals has set in a new gold- standard in metabolic health coaching.

“This diploma course has completely changed my approach towards client management, with so much in-depth knowledge into human body physiology and the impact of our food on our hormones and each bodily process, I am now well-equipped to resolve every query of my clients,” an IIT-Bombay alumnus and dLife-certified full-time metabolic health coach Satyajit Dash said.