One of India’s foremost green music festivals, Echoes of Earth is back in Bengaluru

ByFathima Ashraf

Published Nov 29, 2023 | 2:00 PM Updated Nov 29, 2023 | 2:00 PM

Echoes of Earth is back with their 6th edition in Bengaluru. (Supplied)

Known for the one-of-a-kind live music experiences they offer, Echoes of Earth (EOE) is returning with its highly anticipated sixth edition!

Over the past five years, the festival has become a diverse celebration of music, art, culture, and above all, conservation. Along with an excellent music lineup, EOE is well-known for incorporating responsible causes into live performances.

“The festival has resonated with a credible community over the years, and our endeavour is to continue to build that experience this year as well,” says Roshan Netalkar, founder and festival director of Echoes of Earth.

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Inspired by the Western Ghats

This year, EOE will celebrate the theme ‘Ensemble of the Wild,’ which will bring to life the interconnectedness of India’s richest biodiversity hotspot, the Western Ghats.

This year, EOE will celebrate the theme Ensemble of the Wild. (Supplied)

This year, EOE will celebrate the theme ‘Ensemble of the Wild’. (Supplied)

The festival aims to highlight the relationships between flora, fauna, habitats, and ecosystems of one of the richest biodiversity hotspots in the world through panel discussions and workshops. 

“Every year, our themes vary, but the central message remains: to spread awareness about conservation and sustainability. This year, our focus is on spreading awareness of the diverse flora and fauna of the Western Ghats. We have facilitated conversation and action around conservation through workshops and panel discussions across Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kolkata,” Netalkar shared.

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Sound of music

Renowned for its curated line-up of artistes from around the world, Echoes of Earth showcases a diverse range of genres, including Electronica, Jazz, Indie, Afrobeat, Funk, World music, Folk, Soul, and House Techno.

EOE is known to showcase a diverse range of genres, including Electronica, Jazz, Indie, Afrobeat, among others. (Supplied)

EOE is known to showcase various genres, including Electronica, Jazz, Indie, and Afrobeat, among others. (Supplied)

The line-up for this edition includes artistes such as Sid Sriram (US), Len Faki (Germany), three-time Grammy Award winner Tinariwen (Mali), Jitvam (US/India), Mezerg (France), Parra for Cuva (Germany), Mansur Brown (UK), 8 Kays (Ukraine), and Giant Swan (UK), along with other popular acts like Modern Biology, Matsumoto Zoku Band, Sahil Vasudeva, and many more.

“I’m grateful to be part of a lineup full of artists I absolutely admire,” said singer-songwriter Siiry.

“My dad is a botanist and a retired forest officer. So, to have my first festival be EOE feels like a full-circle moment. I don’t think I can quantify my excitement but If you catch my set I’m sure it’ll translate,” she shared. 

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‘This is our Woodstock’

Bengaluru-based synth duo Droolfox is nothing but grateful to share the stage with some of the legendary acts. “To be part of this movement, the greenest festival on the planet, is honestly, sublime. This is the most pumped we’ve been for a show to date. This is our Woodstock!” they said.

The band has been working on new, more upbeat material and has conjured up a new jam specifically for the festival, which they call The Jungle Jam

“Yes, we’re switching the energy up a notch for this!” they added.

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Work of art

The two-day festival will feature art installations created using scrap and discarded materials. Among these are the Chameleon Zelanicus by the Alt Native Artist Collective, the Southern Birdwing Butterfly by Bheemstyx, the Paradise Flycatcher bird by Naama, and the Indian Pangolin by Yadhu.

festival will feature art installations created using scrap and discarded materials. (Supplied)

The festival will feature art installations created using scrap and discarded materials. (Supplied)

Additionally, in memory of the Late Bhogeshwara — also known as Mr Kabini, the revered elephant with the longest tusks in Asia —  there is a dedicated stage.

The Tusker Stage is a tribute to his memory. It has been creatively designed by Siddharth Karawal, utilising recycled materials such as carpets, bamboo, jute, and metal scraps.

The partners of the festival include — WWF India, Felis Films, Bengaluru International Airport, and Hasirudala Innovations, who have come together to create a festival that celebrates music and the world around us.

With four intricately designed stages, the festival also features experiences like the Kids Zone and Pet Zone. Attendees can enjoy food stalls, a sustainable flea market, and a café at Echoes of Earth.

Tickets online

Date: 2 December – 3 December

Time: 1 pm onwards

Venue: Embassy International Riding School