Bengaluru MTech graduate’s eco-friendly venture earns praise from PM Modi

Chamarajanagar's Varsha, an MTech graduate's banana stem enterprise creates jobs, inspires national recognition.


Published Dec 05, 2023 | 12:00 PMUpdatedDec 05, 2023 | 12:00 PM

Hailing from Ummattur, Chamarajanagar, Varsha, an MTech graduate, started Akruthi Eco-Friendly Enterprises. (Twitter)

An MTech graduate from Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka has garnered the accolades of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for initiating an enterprise that produces items from banana stems, inspired by his radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

During 26 November, Sunday’s episode of his monthly programme, the Prime Minister highlighted how the initiative has motivated several people.

Drawing inspiration from one of the programme’s episodes, Varsha from Chamarajanagar embarked on the business of manufacturing manure from banana plants, the Prime Minister stated.

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An inspired initiative

“‘Mann Ki Baat’ inspired Varsha to stand on her own feet. Triggered by an episode of this programme, she commenced producing bio-fertiliser from bananas. This initiative by the nature-loving Varsha has created numerous employment opportunities,” remarked Modi.

Hailing from Ummattur in Chamarajanagar, Varsha initiated her venture, Akruthi Eco-Friendly Enterprises, utilising banana stem fibre. The entrepreneur went on to craft various products such as mats, mobile stands, pen stands, hats, and fridge covers.

Varsha informed reporters in Mysuru that she found inspiration while listening to the Prime Minister during one of the episodes of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ amid the Covid lockdown.

She mentioned that the Prime Minister had discussed a Tamil Nadu-based businessman who initiated a venture using banana fibres when several businesses were shutting down.

“I am extremely happy that the Prime Minister is recognising my work. I am now motivated to elevate the business to the next level,” expressed Varsha.

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