It’s time to raise my voice in the best interest of my family: Kannada actor Darshan’s wife Vijayalakshmi

Vijayalakshmi puts out a strong message on Instagram, warning of strict legal action against people for sending a different image of her family in society.

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Published Jan 25, 2024 | 2:50 PMUpdatedJan 25, 2024 | 4:44 PM

Vijayalakshmi with her actor-husband Challenging Star Darshan

Vijayalakshmi Darshan, the wife of Kannada star actor Challenging Star Darshan, has taken to her Instagram account, where she posted a strong message to a lady by the name of “Pavithra Gowda”, saying that the time has come to raise her voice in the best interest of her family.

She has also warned of initiating strict legal action against people who try to give a different image of her family to society.

Following this, another round of trouble is likely to break in Darshan’s personal life in the coming days.

It is not the first time the Kannada star actor faced trouble in his personal life. He ended up in jail for a brief period in 2011 when Vijayalakshmi alleged that her husband assaulted her. However, the matter was resolved, and the couple reconciled later.

Again, in 2016, Vijayalakshmi approached the Bengaluru police urging them to warn her actor-husband for his bad behaviour. The actor later denied assaulting anyone at his wife’s flat in Bengaluru.

What triggered Vijayalakshmi now?

Going by the Instagram post of Vijayalakshmi, it all started with one Pavithra Gowda sharing a series of photos of her along with her daughter Kushi Gowda and Darshan Thoogudeepa.

It is not the photos alone that irked Vijayalakshmi but also the caption that reads: one decade down and forever to go!

Pavithra Gowda has shared them on the occasion of celebrating 10 years of her relationship with Darshan!

According to Pavithra Gowda’s bio on Instagram, she is a fashion designer, model, and artist.

In no time, Vijayalakshmi posted a series of photos of Pavithra Gowda with a strong message and warned of taking strict legal action against her.

Her Instagram post reads: ‘I hope this woman (Pavithra) has to come into her senses before posting somebody else’s husband’s picture. It talks about her character and moral standing, knowing the man is married and she still chooses to come and stay for their own personal needs and agenda.”

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‘Time to raise voice’

Vijayalakshmi, who also posted a few photos of Pavithra’s daughter, further wrote that the image clearly shows that the girl was the daughter of Pavithra and Sanjay Singh.

She also clarified that she does not take to social media to raise her voice for personal issues. Vijayalakshmi added, “I feel it’s now time to raise my voice in the best interest of my family. Will take strict legal action against people who are trying to give a different image to the entire society.”

She ended the post by tagging a few accounts she was directly addressing.


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Going by the timeline on Instagram, it was first Vijayalakshmi who posted a photo of her with her son and Darshan.

Later, Pavithra Gowda put out a video collage comprising photos of her daughter and the actor. Vijayalakshmi replied with a detailed post saying that the time has come to raise her voice in the best interest of her family.

Now, all eyes are on Vijayalakshmi’s next action and also on Darshan’s reaction to the whole Instagram action and reaction episodes.

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