Upadhyaksha review: Chikkanna’s escapades as Chi. Thu Sangha’s vice-chairman makes you laugh naturally

Comedian Chikkanna gets promoted as a comedy hero in this kind-of-a-sequel to the hit film ‘Adhyaksha’ (2014).

ByShashiprasad S M

Published:Jan 26, 2024

Chikkanna in Upadhyaksha

Upadhyaksha (Kannada)

26-01-2024, Comedy, 2 hours 33 minutes U/A
  • Main Cast: Chikkanna, Malaika Vasupal, Ravishankar, Sadhu Kokila, Dharmanna Kadur, Kari Subbu, and Veena Sunder
  • Director: Anil Kumar TM
  • Producer: Smitha Umapathy
  • Music Director: Arjun Janya
  • Cinematography: Shekhar Chandra



Released in 2014, the Kannada comedy-romantic film Adhyaksha — starring Sharan in the titular role and Chikkanna as his loyal subordinate Upadhyaksha — was a runaway hit.

The movie was the remake of the Tamil film Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (2013). It was remade in Telugu as Current Theega (2014).

Though a spiritual remake was remade with the title Adhyaksha in America (2019), it failed to make a similar impression on the audience.

The audience loved the characters — Adhyaksha (chairman) and Upadhyaksha (vice-chairman) of Chi. Thu Sangha (Chinte Illada Thundailka Sangha, meaning an association for carefree youngsters).

Now, Upadhyaksha marks the debut venture of comedy actor Chikkanna as a comedy hero in a lead role.

Will the vice-chairman in a full-fledged comedy hero avatar make us laugh as much as the founder chairman of the Carefree Association did in 2014? Let’s find out:

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A poster of the film Upadhyaksha

A poster of the film ‘Upadhyaksha’. (Supplied)

The film unfolds with the voiceover of Sharan as Adhyaksha, who is now living happily ever after with his wife and daughter elsewhere and not in Gejje Pura village, where the previous escapades originated.

For those who have not seen Adhyaksha and are unaware of the Gejje Pura connection, it is a long story. The interested can watch Adhyaksha for free on YouTube.

Back to Upadhyaksha, Narayana Gowda aka Upadhyaksha is now in charge of Chi. Thu Sangha in Gejje Pura Village in the absence of his chairman, who is now married and residing elsewhere.

The rest of the characters pretty much remain the same, with Ravishankar as Shiva Rudre Gowda, the village leader and his associates, including Upadhyaksha’s father.

With Chi. Thu Sangha’s chairman gone, the film is nothing but the race between the tortoise and the hare. The two try to outsmart each other on every occasion to remain the most popular one in the village.

Somehow, Upadhyaksha lands in Shiva Rudre Gowda’s house as a servant, where he finds out about his youngest daughter, who is being brought up without the knowledge of the villagers.

The twist in the comedy occurs when the pretty daughter falls in love and runs away with Narayana Gowda aka Upadhyaksha.

The rest of the cat-and-mouse chase is loaded with fun, laughter and a bit of romance.

Impressive and funny

Chikkanna in Upadhyaksha

Chikkanna in ‘Upadhyaksha’. (Supplied)

Chikkanna, who played second fiddle in Adhyaksha, is the real deal in this sequel-of-a-kind film.

The makers deserve appreciation for the apt subject to which the comedy actor could do full justice.

With his natural ability to make the audience laugh, for which he is being given the title of Natural Star, Chikkanna is pure fun to watch from the word go.

Working on his acting strength, the character is tailor-made for him as it does not project him as a hero but as a hero in a comedy role.

The biggest takeaway is the narration of the characters, which is a continuation of the original script.

There is no exaggeration, excessive heroism or unwanted scenes that can easily put one off when making the shift as the lead actor.

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Equally funny support roles

What makes it worth watching this comedy is the equally important supporting cast — Ravishankar as Shiva Rudre Gowda, his three associates, the villagers, Sadhu Kokila as the seriously-funny uncle, Kari Subbu, who plays a drunkard for a change, and the cops.

Every character has a funny role to play.

Debutante Malaika looks cute and acts pretty well, a talent to watch out for.

A comedy film is laughable only when a situation and circumstances are created to good effect, unlike writing poor jokes that result in boredom or force them to laugh.


Loved Adhyaksha? And, if you are a great fan of Chikkanna, then Upadhyaksha has it all for you. It will make you laugh. Watch it carefree, as the jokes are on him.

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