Trisha delights fans with a photo that breaks the Internet, following Vijay’s birthday

Billie Eilish's "Birds of a Feather" played in the background of Trisha's Insta post, which fetched 1.2 million likes, and still counting.

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Published Jun 23, 2024 | 10:53 PM Updated Jun 23, 2024 | 11:49 PM

Trisha and Vijay have collaborated in several films and share a strong professional bond. (Instagram)

Trisha extended her birthday wishes to Vijay, who turned 50 on 22 June. She celebrated Vijay’s birthday by posting a mirror selfie, with him, on both Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). In the photo, Trisha is dressed in a vibrant blue outfit, smiling, while Vijay opts for an all-black attire. The picture, taken in an elevator, quickly gained attention, on social media.

Further, she captioned it, “The calm to a storm; the storm to a calm. To many more milestones ahead,” along with emojis of a birthday cake, balloon, heart, infinity symbol, and the evil eye.

Billie Eilish’s “Birds of a Feather” played in the background of her Instagram post, which fetched 1.2 million likes, and still counting.

Both actors have collaborated in several films and share a strong professional bond. Movies like Ghilli (2004), Thirupaachi (2005), Aathi (2006), Kuruvi (2008), and Leo (2023) showcase their onscreen chemistry, which has consistently impressed audiences and left them eager for more.

‘A natural comfort level’

Both Trisha and Vijay have made substantial progress both individually and together in the five films they have co-starred in. In an interview, discussing her experience of working with Vijay in Leo, after 15 years, Trisha remarked, “After collaborating in so many films with someone, there’s a natural comfort level that develops over time.”

The actor mentioned that she initially met Vijay when she was around 19 or 20 years old. “So, when you’ve known someone for over two decades and then work with them again, it feels like returning home. Our natural rapport remains intact, which is exactly what Lokesh aimed to leverage in Leo.

On the sets of Leo

On the sets of ‘Leo’. (trishtrashers/ X)

While Trisha is busy with projects such as Chiranjeevi’s Vishwambhara, Mani Ratnam’s Thug Life, Magizh Thirumeni’s Vidaa Muyarchi, among other titles, Vijay is eagerly anticipating the release of Venkat Prabhu’s The Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

Many celebrities, including Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal, Prabhudheva, SJ Suryah, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, extended their wishes to Vijay on various social media platforms.

Vijay 50 and the social media buzz 

On his 50th birthday, Venkat Prabhu unveiled the first teaser of GOAT. The 50-second video showcases an older Vijay riding a motorcycle in Russia, accompanied by a younger Vijay who is shooting at their pursuers. They evade several bikers during the chase until the older Vijay turns his motorcycle around to confront them directly.

The film also stars Prabhudheva, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Prashanth, Ajmal Ameer, and Sneha. The makers utilised de-aging technology to portray one of Vijay’s characters as younger. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for the film. One of the songs, “Chinna Chinna Kangal”, penned by Kabilan Vairamuthu, was unveiled on 22 June.

 Yuvan Shankar Raja shared on X that while he was composing a song in Bengaluru with Venkat Prabhu, they both felt Bhavatharini would be ideal for it. Unfortunately, during that time, she was hospitalised.

He mentioned, “I thought once she recovered and left the hospital, we could record her voice. But within an hour, I received the heartbreaking news of her passing. I never expected that her voice would be preserved in this way.”

Yuvan Shankar Raja revealed that they used Artificial Intelligence to incorporate Bhavatharini’s voice as a tribute.

Earlier, the makers had launched “Whistle Podu”, showcasing Vijay’s vocals and penned by Madhan Karky. The lyrical video included scenes of the actor, dancing alongside co-stars Prabhudheva, Prashanth, and Ajmal.

The Greatest of All Time is scheduled for release in theatres on 5 September.

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