Thaggede Le review: A hotchpotch of crime stories with an entertainment angle

This Naveen Chandra-starrer looks more like a sequel to the ‘Dandupalya’ series created by director Srinivas Raju.

ByDeepthi Nandan

Published:Nov 04, 2022

thaggede le movie poster
It's for crime movie lovers!

Thaggede Le (Telugu)

  • Cast: Naveen Chandra, Divya Pillai, Ananya Raj, Naina Ganguly, Ravi Shankar, Raja Raveendar, Naga Babu, Ayyappa Sharma, Pooja Gandhi, Makrandh Deshpande and Ravi Kale
  • Director: Srinivas Raju
  • Producers: Prem Kumar Pandey, N Akhilesh Reddy and PV Subba Reddy
  • Music: Charan Arjun
  • Runtime: 2 hours 8 minutes

Director Srinivas Raju, who is known for the Dandupalya series, came up with Thaggede Le this Friday, 4 November. It features an ensemble cast: Naveen Chandra, Ananya Sen Gupta, Divya Pillai, Ravi Shankar and Pooja Gandhi.

Can this crime thriller keep the audience engaged? South First gives a peek into Thaggede Le’s world of crime:

The police arrest Eshwar (Naveen Chandra) suspecting him of murdering a woman. To prove his innocence, Eshwar narrates his life and past incidents to police officers Chalapati (Ravi Shankar) and Raja (Raja Rabindra).

A software engineer, Eshwar meets Lizzy (Ananya Sen Gupta) at a yogi’s ashram. Both get into a no-strings-attached relationship and part ways after their stay at the ashram. Later, he marries his cousin Devi (Divya Pillai).

But Eshwar’s life takes a tumultuous turn when Lizzy returns to his life and forces him to have a relationship with her, even after knowing that he is married.

Lizzy even blackmails Eshwar with their intimate videos. Why she blackmails Eshwar and how is Eshwar connected with the murder make for an interesting watch.

Besides Eshwar’s story, a parallel story runs in the movie where a group of deadly dacoits escape from police custody to kill police officer Chalapati.

Dandupalya hangover

Director Srinivas Raju, who shot to fame with Dandupalya crime dramas, once again banked on crime in Thaggede Le.

He simultaneously narrates three different crime tracks in the movie and keeps the audience guessing as to how all three are connected.

While the screenplay keeps the viewers interested, it also appears forced. At times, the film appears to be an overdose of sleaze and gore.

It seems Srinivas Raju wanted to make another sequel to the Dandupalya series, but instead of solely banking on crime, added an entertaining angle to the plot.

Thaggede Le features the Dandupalya gang and their rivalry with police officer Ravi Shankar. As the film progresses, one even wonders whether they are watching a new movie or one of the Dandupalya series.

Artists’ performances

Naveen Chandra is the protagonist in Thaggede Le and he is fine. Ananya Sen Gupta and Divya Pillai are the female leads and both have equal importance. They both did well.

But the actor who takes the cake is Ravi Shankar. He impresses as a wild and fearless police officer. Raja Ravindra also appears in a key role.

All the Dandupalya actors including Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande, and Ravi Kale feature in important roles.

Action choreography & other craft

Being a crime drama, Thaggede Le features several action sequences. The climax fight is quite impressive. Though it goes overboard, the director and the artists have executed a tough job.

Charan Arjun’s background score and songs are adequate. The cinematography and the art direction are in tune with the crime drama genre.

Final take

Thaggede Le is a crime thriller which excessively features sleaze and gore. This is for those who are interested in Dandupalya-like movies.