Is ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’ Nani’s most expensive film?

The Vivek Athreya film will hit the theatres on 29 August in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi.

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Published Jul 11, 2024 | 1:31 PM Updated Jul 11, 2024 | 7:06 PM

Nani's Saripodhaa Sanivaaram to release on 29 August

Renowned production house DVV Entertainment has unveiled a 20-second teaser of Saripodhaa Sanivaaram, hinting at the release date of Nani’s upcoming film.

The 85-second glimpse for Saripodhaa Sanivaaram delves into the theme of fury and its diverse expressions. The protagonist channels his anger methodically, saving his weekly outbursts for one day.

Nani, as Surya, is depicted unleashing his anger by beating up people on a Saturday. The teaser concludes with SJ Suryah, in a police officer’s uniform, saying, “Happy Birthday, brother.”

Written and directed by Vivek Athreya, the movie features SJ Suryah, Priyanka Arul Mohan, and Sai Kumar in key roles. It will hit the theatres on 29 August in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi.

Saripodhaa Sanivaaram marks Priyanka Arul Mohan’s second collaboration with Nani after Gang Leader (2019).

This action drama with an interesting vigilante angle boasts cinematography by Murali G, music by Jakes Bejoy, and editing by Karthika Srinivas R.

Saripodhaa Sanivaaram is Nani and Athreya’s second collaboration after Ante Sundaraniki (2022). The production banner recently shared Nani’s first look from the film for the actor’s 40th birthday in February.

Netflix paid a substantial amount for the film’s post-theatrical digital streaming rights. The movie is expected to generate significant box-office revenue.

Due to numerous action sequences, extensive VFX work, and lavish sets, Saripodhaa Sanivaaram will be Nani’s first high-budget film, surpassing ₹90 crore. Previously, his films were made within a ₹40-45 crore budget. But this time, it’s nearly double.

In an interview, Nani expressed his stance on avoiding undue box office pressure, emphasising that he is not driven to pursue larger goals at the expense of others in the industry.

The Telugu actor further clarified that releasing his films in other languages was not aimed at achieving a pan-India tag. “When we release films in various languages, we focus on ensuring high-quality dubbing, including dialogue, lyrics, and voice artists, tailored for each language. This ensures that audiences across regions can enjoy a well-made film in their preferred language.”

Nani’s last film, Hi Nanna, was directed by newcomer Shouryuv and featured Mrunal Thakur, child actor Kiara, Jayaram, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, and Angad Bedi in main roles.

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