Telugu director Venkatesh Maha threatens to sue trolls for labelling him ‘talentless’

An X user recently taunted the director for expressing his strong opinions against 'KGF' during a show while lacking talent himself.

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Published Dec 12, 2023 | 12:35 PMUpdatedDec 12, 2023 | 12:35 PM

Venkatesh Maha trolls

Filmmaker Venkatesh Maha of C/o Kancharapalem (2018) fame, who considers himself to be the craftsman of the greatest classic of the era, has had a spat with social media trolls.

The director threatened that he would initiate legal action against the trolls if his “work was criticised”.

An X user recently taunted Venkatesh Maha for expressing his strong opinions against KGF during a show while lacking talent himself. Replying to the user, the filmmaker claimed that he was being subjected to bullying.

Venkatesh Maha’s tweet reads: “You look incorrigible, and you will never listen. I won’t keep quiet anymore. It doesn’t matter how many films you made. It is the matter of what films you have made. I made some of the greatest films in Telugu and I will make more. If you think you can speak whatever rubbish you would like to, I won’t keep quiet.”

While the audience who liked his masterpiece Care of Kancharapalem vouched for him and extended support to the director’s call #letsfightcyberbullying, a few netizens made fun of his act.

They wondered why Venkatesh Maha boasted himself to be the greatest filmmaker of Telugu cinema. A few termed his statement as utter nonsense and wondered how a director could contemplate taking legal action merely because someone labelled him as talentless.

As a director and creative producer, Venkatesh Maha helmed only two films in the last five years. In a rather amusing statement, he emphasised that quality holds more significance than quantity.

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