Telugu actor Hema arrested: ‘My conscience is clear; I never consumed drugs’

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) called in actor Hema for interrogation on 3 June.

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Published Jun 04, 2024 | 5:15 PM Updated Jun 04, 2024 | 10:40 PM

Hema arrested in Bengaluru rave party case

The investigation into the Bengaluru rave party by the Central Crime Branch led to the arrest of Telugu actor Hema on Monday, 3 June.

The event in question took place on 19 May at a farmhouse located in the vicinity of Electronic City.

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) called in actor Hema for interrogation on 3 June. It was reported that she appeared before the investigators clad in a burqa, presumably to conceal her identity.

Following an interrogation that yielded unsatisfactory responses, she was taken into custody.

Addressing the press, Hema asserted that she wasn’t at fault.

“My conscience is clear. Observe their treatment towards me. I never consumed drugs. The denial video I posted was from Hyderabad, contrary to claims of it being from Bengaluru. Additionally, I uploaded a clip where I’m preparing biryani, also in Hyderabad,” the Telugu actor added.

The event, initially presented as a birthday celebration, attracted most attendees from the neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, as per the Central Crime Branch (CCB) insiders.

A minority of the guests were from Bengaluru, the sources noted.

Acting on confidential information, the CCB, executed a search of the premises and procured blood samples from the attendees.

Subsequent analysis of those revealed that 86 individuals, Hema among them, were positive for drug use, as per reports.

Sources further indicate that the gathering saw 103 attendees in total, comprising 73 males and 30 females.

During the operation, authorities confiscated substances and items including MDMA pills, MDMA crystals, hydroponic cannabis, cocaine, luxury vehicles, and gadgets, with a combined value estimated at ₹1.5 crore.

Last week, Hema released a video to journalists asserting her wrongful association with the incident, emphasising her presence at a farmhouse in Hyderabad.

She mentioned receiving persistent inquiries from the press and acquaintances regarding her alleged detention.

In the video addressed to the media, Hema affirmed her location in Hyderabad, not Bengaluru, stating, she hasn’t moved anywhere out.

“I’m simply relaxing at a farmhouse in Hyderabad. I’m unaware of the individuals present there; it’s erroneous information that I attended the event.”

Furthermore, Hema released a clip online, showcasing her culinary skills at her residence.

Bengaluru rave party: Actor Hema, who tested positive for narcotics, alleged drug supplier arrested