My role in ‘Indian 2’ is, perhaps, the most authentic portrayal of myself in a film: Siddharth

The 'Indian' sequel marks the actor's second collaboration with director Shankar, following their previous outing, 'Boys' (2003).

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Published Jul 05, 2024 | 8:53 PM Updated Jul 06, 2024 | 1:18 AM

Siddharth with director Shankar and Kamal Haasan during 'Indian 2' promotions. (X)

Siddharth’s career has come full circle as he stars alongside his movie idol, Kamal Haasan, in Indian 2. He plays a significant role in Shankar’s direction, alongside Kamal Haasan’s iconic Senapathy character. This marks his second collaboration with director Shankar, following Boys (2003).

Siddharth expressed his profound admiration for Kamal Haasan, whom he considers his favourite actor and teacher. He has cherished and respected the actor-politician’s influence throughout his life, including during his debut film, Boys, where Kamal remained a constant inspiration for Siddharth’s acting, as he revealed, in the latest interview.

“Since childhood, I’ve longed to work with Kamal sir, and I’ll forever cherish the opportunity that Shankar sir provided me with.” The Bommarillu (2006) actor had expected to receive many acting tips from Ulaganayagan but discovered something unexpected. He uncovered the secret to Kamal’s lasting impact on the film industry, even after more than six decades of experience.

‘Kamal sir is incredibly curious’

Siddharth recalled, “I went in expecting to meet someone who would teach me a lot. What I discovered is that he is still a student and learning a great deal. Kamal sir is incredibly curious. The person I consider a ‘university’ continues to explore and learn new things every day. This aspect of him will always resonate with me.”

He described Indian 2 as a significant responsibility, acknowledging its immense popularity among fans nationwide. He also emphasised that his character plays a pivotal role in the story’s depth. “Kamal sir motivates you to perform at your best. My task was to execute what Shankar sir had assigned to me, ensuring that my admiration and respect for him did not interfere with my performance.”

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‘Indian 2 will be a memory I’ll cherish forever’

Siddharth added he witnessed the passion that drives Shankar’s writing, direction, and craftsmanship. “Surprisingly, there’s minimal talking or discussion. They work with a fluidity akin to playing video games, swiftly completing tasks.”

Siddharth remarked that observing Kamal Haasan and Shankar’s work on the sets of Indian 2 is akin to witnessing a dance performance. “This character is probably the closest I’ve come to depicting my authentic self in a film. Kamal sir has talked about the importance of maintaining distance from the characters he portrays in films. This lies at the heart of acting—immersing oneself in a new persona. This experience will be etched in my memory forever.”

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