Chilkuri Sushil Rao’s documentary ‘India’s GreenHeart Dusharla Satyanarayana’ to be screened at 4th Nadi Utsav

Dusharla Satyanarayana created a forest on his 70 acres of ancestral land at Raghavapuram near Suryapet town in Telangana.

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Published Sep 22, 2023 | 5:00 PMUpdatedSep 22, 2023 | 5:00 PM

A poster of GreenHeart Dusharla Satyanarayana

A documentary film titled India’s GreenHeart Dusharla Satyanarayana, about 69-year-old environmentalist Dusharla Satyanarayana from Suryapet in Telangana will be screened at the 4th Nadi Utav in Delhi on 23 September.

A discussion will also be held after the screening. The documentary is directed and produced by Hyderabad-based Chilkuri Sushil Rao.

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Ministry of Culture, Government of India is organising the 4th Nadi Utsav from 22-24 September at INGCA, Janpath Building, New Delhi.

During the three days, 15 documentaries made by filmmakers from across the country will be screened.

As part of the Nadi Utsav, a national seminar on “Thanking the River: Revitalizing the Harmony Between Human and River Life” will also be conducted.

The seminar aims to provide a platform for scholars, academicians, researchers, and stakeholders to deliberate and discuss the relevance of rivers and water bodies for all forms of life.

The seminar aims to redefine the very notion of sustainable development, with special reference to the Riverine culture.

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India’s GreenHeart Dusharla Satyanarayana

GreenHeart Dusharla Satyanarayana to be screened in Delhi

‘GreenHeart Dusharla Satyanarayana’ to be screened in Delhi. (Supplied)

The documentary India’s GreenHeart Dusharla Satyanarayana is about Dusharla Satyanarayana, a nature lover and environmentalist who created a forest on his 70 acres of ancestral land at Raghavapuram near Suryapet town in Telangana.

He started developing the forest more than six decades ago and preserves it. He fell in love with Nature when he was a child and demonstrated that with resolve and interest, one can actually raise an entire forest.

Satyanarayana is well-known in the country for bringing to the notice of the Nalgonda district authorities to provide clean and potable drinking water to the people who were suffering because of fluoride.

In his forest, he maintains a lake where lotuses bloom providing a magnificent sight. Government officials, environmentalists, bird watchers, and green warriors often visit the well-preserved forest.

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