Shivamma Yarehanchinala review: Shivamma is the kind of mass hero we need

The character arc of the leading lady goes beyond just a normal simple tale and instead becomes a proper mass-y hero.

BySunayana Suresh

Published:Jun 21, 2024

Jaishankar Aryar's directorial Shivamma Yarehanchinala

Shivamma Yarehanchinala (Kannada)

14-06-2024, Comedy Drama/Social, 1 hour 46 minutes U/A
  • Main Cast:Sharanamma Chetti, Chennamma Abbegere, Shivu Abbegere, Shruthi Kondenahalli, Shivanand Sadar, Suresh Kamtar, Chennappa Hansi, Ashok Giraddi, and Sharath Yalagi
  • Director:Jaishankar Aryar
  • Producer:Rishab Shetty
  • Music Director:Shreyank Nanjappa
  • Cinematography:Saumyananda Sahi and Vikas Urs



Director Jaishankar Aryar’s latest outing Shivamma Yarehanchinala is backed by actor-director Rishab Shetty.

The film is about Shivamma (played by Sharanamma Chetti)—an enterprising and ambitious woman in a small village in North Karnataka, who falls prey to a pyramid marketing scheme that she believes will solve all her problems.

Her life gets on a rollercoaster when she pledges all her savings to that.

Jaishankar Aryar proved his mettle when he wooed film buffs with his award-winning film Lacchavva (2019), which was a part of Rishab Shetty’s anthology Katha Sangama.

He now tries his hand as a full-length feature director with Shivamma Yarehanchinala, where he once again explores a subject, that has its soul set in North Karnataka while working with a cast that comprises predominantly non-actors.

He excels and how, as this story turns is far from that artsy film festival stereotype and instead is a full-fledged mass-y entertainer replete with laughs.

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A must-watch

Rishab Shetty bankrolled Shivamma Yarehanchinala

Rishab Shetty bankrolled ‘Shivamma Yarehanchinala’. (X)

The first scene in Shivamma Yarehanchinala, which sees a bunch of women from the village exercising and following their routine on a highway road, sets the tempo for the irreverent and quirky tone of the film.

While it remains irreverent, the story still has enough tropes of having a protagonist of a mass film, who has a meteoric rise, fall, and moments of salvation. All this mass appeal is found without steering away from the rooted soul of the settings.

The movie, on the one hand, shows the resilience and innocence of people in rural areas. On the other, it also works as a mirror for the urban folk today who live on fad diets, supplements, and more.

Its premise is simple; Shivamma, a mid-day meal scheme cook in a government school, gets lured by a pyramid marketing scheme that sells nutrition supplement powder.

She invests money saved up for her offspring’s wedding into this scheme and convinces her neighbours and friends to believe this powder is magical and can cure everything and anything. Thus begins Shivamma’s rise as the village rockstar.

But when one stray incident leads people to believe she is a trickster and challenges this fame, she has to work hard for redemption.

Films like Shivamma Yarehanchinala cannot be classified solely as festival films alone, as the character arc of the leading lady goes beyond just a normal simple tale and instead becomes a proper mass-y hero, where she has the resilience that is required for a superhero.

That popular social media adage that reads not all superheroes need to wear capes works well in her case. Her dialogue, “I will do it”, will go down holding a special place in pop culture history.

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Final take

Shivamma Yarehanchinala is a film that needs to be watched by everyone as it shares more than just the story of a woman in a village in North Karnataka.

It is that hope we all need in life to never give up when it comes to chasing what we want, despite whatever hurdles are thrown at us.

(Views expressed here are personal.)

(Edited by S Subhakeerthana)

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