Raana review: An old tale of a guy aspiring to become a cop taking on rowdies

Director Nanda Kishore returns with a below-par commercial venture that not only lacks freshness but is unbearable as well.

ByShashiprasad S M

Published:Nov 11, 2022

nanda kishore raana
A below-par commercial venture!

Raana (Kannada)

  • Cast: Shreyas Manju, Reeshma Nanaiah, Mohan Dhanraj, Samyukta Hegde, Manju, Kote Prabhakar, Rajini Bharadwaj, Mutant Raghu, and Praveen Kumar Gasti
  • Director: Nanda Kishore
  • Producer: Gujjal Purushottama,
  • Music: Chandan Shetty
  • Runtime: 2 hours

Raana, in short, is another addition to the list of endless Indian films wherein the hero from a middle-class family aspires to become a police officer but soon gets entangled with dreadful rowdies.

So, how different it is from its predecessors is the whole subject matter of Raana. However, it needs no intelligence (brain) to predict the outcome of this two-hour-long experience.

Raana is portrayed by Shreyas Manju — son of K Manju, one of the leading film producers in the Kannada film industry — has been eyeing a massive hit to attain stardom ever since his debut movie Paddehuli.

Raana is from a middle-class family, and aspires to become a police officer.

While the main ingredient — a police aspirant — is ticked on the list of age-old ready-made templates for a commercial action thriller, next comes the love interest, whose father is not happy with her choice for obvious reasons.

The pretty girl is played by Reeshma Nanaiah, one of the hottest girls in the tinsel town (Sandalwood).

Further, the director has made sure to write some run-of-the-mill supporting characters or friends who will go to any extent to aid the hero.

The next big ingredient is that of a villain, who is powerful and fearless because of the backing of a politician and a few corrupt police officers. Here, he is named Kapali. Oh, and he has a brother, too!

Let’s not forget the spicy item number and a couple of songs — the first one is introductory, the next is a romantic number, and finally there’s one where the hero discovers his path. Don’t worry, it is all forgotten the moment one steps out of the theatre.

Of course, there are also come petty and a few serious fight sequences, since this is an action thriller.

They aim to assure the audience that the hero is a complete daredevil who can beat up even hundreds of people barehanded.

raana kannada film

A working still from Nanda Kishore’s ‘Raana’. (Supplied)

Now the stage is set for a cat-and-mouse game of an action-thriller.

Once Kapali gets seriously injured and is in a coma, his brother is on the lookout for the culprit. If you are guessing, the needle of suspicion points towards Raana. See how easy it is to predict?

With a pretty heroine in his presence, Raana has teeny-weeny romantic sequences with the mandatory romantic number composed by Chandan Shetty.

All in all, Raana offers nothing new: It is an unbearable two-hour experience. So boring is it that the two hours easily feel like 20 hours.

What happens in the end? Does Raana beat the rowdies, become a police officer, and marry his pretty girlfriend?

Let’s leave it unanswered for those daredevils who still want to witness it firsthand in theatres.