‘Paruthiveeran’ row: Director Ameer refutes allegations levelled by producer Gnanavel Raja

Ameer says he was surprised that those who knew the truth and were witnesses to the proceedings 17 years ago remained silent about it now.

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Published Nov 25, 2023 | 7:21 PM Updated Nov 25, 2023 | 7:23 PM

ameer gnanavel raja paruthiveeran

The controversy over the 2007 Tamil film Paruthiveeran — which won two National Awards continues to rage on, with director Ameer Sultan refuting all the allegations levelled against him by producer KE Gnanavel Raja.

In a statement in Tamil, Ameer said, “As the case about Paruthiveeran is still in court, I have, on the advice of my lawyers, not chosen to respond to his allegations and defamatory statements. Because of this, I haven’t been meeting friends from the media.”

Asserting that not a single thing that Gnanavel Raja said about his film journey or the film Paruthiveeran was true, Ameer added, “This is a campaign to reduce the goodwill that I have in society and an effort to block my film journey.”

He pointed out that no agreement was signed between him and Gnanavel Raja about Paruthiveeran as claimed by the latter. “Therefore, there is no question of me having violated any conditions laid in the ‘non-existing’ agreement.”

Ameer Sultan, whose words seemed to indicate restraint, said, “Gnanavel Raja, who gave money at the start, did not give any money later and disappeared, thus stopping the film halfway through. I completed the remaining portion of the film with my firm, Teamwork Production House.”

The actor-director hastened to add that he was surprised that those who knew the truth and were witnesses to the proceedings 17 years ago remained silent about it now.

Ameer said it would take him a few hours to disclose the truth. “However, because it would trigger a storm in the lives of several people and it would misdirect the entire film industry, I am remaining silent.”

He pointed out that more than him, his family was affected by Gnanavel Raja. “My family and I will overcome all of this. I lovingly request the elders guiding him (Gnanavel Raja) to advise him not to talk ill of anybody in public like this.”

The filmmaker also thanked producer Ganesh Raghu, who, from the US, clarified the issue and spoke in support of him.

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The background

The spat between Gnanavel Raja and Ameer, who have been engaged in a legal war for over 17 years, erupted with actor Karthi choosing to celebrate the audio launch of his 25th film Japan in a grand manner.

All the directors Karthi worked with were invited to the event except Ameer. Ameer hlemed Karthi’s debut film Paruthiveeran.

Interestingly, Paruthiveeran gave the actor an identity as it was both critically acclaimed and commercially a super hit at the box office.

When the media asked Ameer why he was not present at the Japan audio launch, he replied that he was not invited and therefore, did not go.

It is in the wake of this development that producer Gnanavel Raja, a close family member of Suriya and Karthi, recently gave an interview to a media channel where he levelled a series of allegations against Ameer while dismissing some claims the latter made in his interviews.

Gnanavel, among other things, alleged that the original deal between him and Ameer was that the director would hand over the first copy of Paruthiveeran for a sum of ₹2.75 crore. However, Gnanavel Raja claimed that he eventually ended up paying ₹4.85 core.

Gnanavel also alleged that Ameer promised to make Paruthiveeran in six months but took two-and-a-half years to complete the film.

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