Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu review: SV Krishna Reddy’s mark is missing

A regular story, routine treatment and passable music turn the director's comeback film into a huge disappointment!

ByDeepthi Nandan

Published:Mar 03, 2023

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu movie
SV Krishna Reddy's magic missing!

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu (Telugu)

  • Cast: Syed Sohel, Mrinalini, Rajendraprasad, Meena, Ajay Gosh, Sunil, Ali, Varun Sandesh, Sapthagiri, Praveen, Prudhvi, Raja Raveendra, Krishna Bhagawan, Viva Harsha, Hema, Sana, and Surekhavani
  • Music-Direction: SV Krishna Reddy
  • Producer: Koneru Kalpana
  • Runtime: 2 hours 28 minutes

Senior director SV Krishna Reddy, known for dishing out wholesome family entertainers, came up with Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu after a gap of about eight years.

While Big Boss winner Syed Sohel and Mrinalini are the lead actors, Rajendra Prasad and Meena played key roles in the film.

Let’s check if SV Krishna Reddy succeeded in retaining his magic with this long-awaited film:

The story

Venkataramana (Rajendra Prasad) owns hundreds of acres of land. He is a man of principles and grows organic vegetables and produces.

On the other hand, Vijay (Sohel) delivers two flop movies as a director and is a failure. His parents make a living by selling Kondapalli toys.

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Haasini (Mrinalini) is the doting daughter of Venkataramana. He wants to marry her off to a successful guy. But, much to his chagrin, Haasini falls in love with Vijay. What ensues next is the crux of this family entertainer.

Fails to meet the expectations

SV Krishna Reddy is known for making sensible movies loaded with entertainment like Shubhalagnam, Yamaleela, Aahwanam, and Mayalodu, among others. He won a special place in the hearts of the Telugu audience because of his commendable work.

Combining a good message with humour is his forte. But the essence of SV Krishna Reddy goes missing in Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu.

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu poster

A poster of ‘Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu’ movie. (Twitter)

The comedy entertainer neither has a heart-touching point nor entertainment. As a result, it fails to live up to the expectations of the audience.

The story is quite routine, the twists are predictable and the climax is drab. The only good thing about the movie is that it is made for the family audience with absolutely no obscenity or objectionable dialogue.

The performances

Sohel is improving as a performer; he gets a meaty role in the movie. Though he is fine as Vijay, the poor script lets him down.

Senior actor Rajendra Prasad can singlehandedly steer a movie towards success. But SV Krishna Reddy fails to make the most of his acting skills.

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Mrinalini Ravi is decent. Senior actress Meena appears as Rajendraprasad’s wife and is good.

Ajay Ghosh, Sunil, Sapthagiri, Varun Sandesh, and Prithvi are passable as supporting actors.

The technical crafts

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu sv krishna reddy

A poster of ‘Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu’ movie. (Twitter)

As for all his films, SV Krishna Reddy composed the music for Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu, too. Barring one song, all the others are forgettable. The background score is passable.

The cinematography by Ram Prasad is good. Editor Pravin Pudi should have trimmed the movie by at least half an hour.

Final take

Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu created a buzz as it marks the comeback film of director SV Krishna Reddy.

Given the funny title, it was expected that the film would be a hilarious entertainer like the filmmaker’s previous works. But it disappoints!

(Views expressed are personal.)