Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn review: Bhavana makes a grand comeback in this well-crafted film

The script, music, performances, and direction add to this feel-good drama helmed by Adhil Maimoonath Asharaf.

ByArjun Ramachandran

Published:Feb 25, 2023

Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn
Yet another memorable role for Bhavana!

Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn (Malayalam)

  • Cast: Bhavana, Sharafudeen, and Ashokan
  • Director: Adhil Maimoonath Ashraf
  • Producers: Renish Abdul Khader, and Rajesh Krishna
  • Music: Joker Blues, Paul Mathews, and Nishant Ramteke
  • Runtime: 2 hours 5 minutes

Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn, which translates to “my brother once had a love (affair)” in English, is the comeback movie of South Indian actress Bhavana, and has been in the news for some time.

Actors like Jackie Shroff, Madhavan, Kunchacko Boban, and Tovino Thomas wished her success through a video message a day before the release of the film.

The movie is all about the reunion of two ex-lovers after 12 years. Sharafudeen pairs up with Bhavana for the first time.

A simple story

Jimmy (Sharafudeen), a Muslim youth, is in love with Nithya (Bhavana), a Hindu girl. They get separated because of religion and other reasons. They move on in their lives.

Twelve years later, Jimmy is shown struggling as a businessman and aspiring to become a dealer of vintage cars. Nithya is a single mother and lives with her son.

Jimmy is all set to marry Fida (Anarkali Nazar), a lawyer, when he accidentally meets his ex-girlfriend Nithya. The meeting lands him in confusion over his impending marriage.

After the release of the Tamil movie 96, reunions happened in colleges and schools. Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn has a similar vibe.

Pranaya Vilasam, which was also released on Friday, 24 February, has a similar plot but the execution is very different.

Jimmy loves vintage cars and has quite a good collection. Director Adhil Maimoonath Asharaf uses a vintage car to make them meet up which, in turn, rekindles their love.

Equal importance to the lead pair

The script gives equal importance to both Jimmy and Nithya.

Bhavana and Sharafudeen in Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn

Bhavana and Sharafudeen in ‘Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn’. (Twitter)

Nithya’s issues are more or less the same as shown in many reality shows.

Indeed, a scene in the movie is pretty similar to the one in Olympian Antony Adam, where the female lead is harassed by her husband.

However, towards the climax, Nithya acts more sensibly to expose the psychotic character of her husband Varun. All her scenes are well-written.

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Jimmy overcomes many issues in his life. He has a conservative Muslim family and his father (played by Ashokan) is shown as an example of toxic parenting. But as years pass by, his family members mellow and support him.

He opens a vintage car showroom and starts leading a happy life.

Jimmy and Nithya’s problems are addressed in a good way in the movie. The lighter moments between Jimmy and Mariam entertain the audience till the interval.

The climax gives a sense of a feel-good drama. The end may be superficial, but it doesn’t spoil the film-watching experience.

Performances & technical crafts

The on-screen chemistry between Bhavana and Sharafudeen keeps the viewers engaged.

Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn movie

A poster of ‘Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn’ movie. (Twitter)

Bhavana seems to have carefully chosen a light story for her comeback movie. Her turn as Nithya is one of the best in her career.

Saniya Rafi as Mariyam essays a crucial role. Anarkali Nazar (Fida) gets an equally important character.

Ashokan, as Sharafudeen’s father, gets good screen time after his role in Nanpakal Nerath Mayakkam (2022).

Paul Mathews, Nishant Ramteke, and Joker Blues composed the music of the film, which sets a refreshing mood for a simple story.

Bijibal’s background music gives life to the storyline.


Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn is a well-made movie that makes a perfect love story with some amazing performances by Bhavana and Sharafudeen.

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