Nithiin puts himself on the spot by talking about film reviews!

In a recent interview, Telugu actor Nithiin said movie reviews play a crucial role in shaping a director's approach towards a project.

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Published Nov 27, 2023 | 5:06 PMUpdatedNov 27, 2023 | 5:07 PM

Nithiin on film reviews

The Telugu film industry is abuzz with discussions around film reviews and their impact on the movie business.

In a recent interview, Telugu actor Nithiin candidly expressed his perspective on film reviews. He said movie reviews play a crucial role in shaping a director’s approach towards a project.

He mentioned that many directors usually throw logic to the wind.

While helming a sequence, filmmakers fear that reviewers might scrutinise the flaws in the script upon the release of their film, he added.

The topic took centre stage during the press meets of the Telugu films Kotabommali PS (2023) and Adikesava (2023). Producers and media personnel expressed diverse opinions on the issue.

A few bigwigs expressed concern about film reviews and ratings being put up on the internet on the opening day of films, which potentially impacted revenues.

Apparently, there were discussions about the language and the tone with which these reviews were being written, with some deeming it inappropriate.

Even though quality content tends to pull audiences to theatres, the reactions from netizens on social media sparked debates.

Meanwhile, netizens felt that open discussion might bring about an industry-wide contemplation on the role and impact of reviews on the film business.

In the case of success, Nithiin observed, “It is common to display review ratings on posters to celebrate success moments. However, one needs to shun celebrations when a film tanks at the box office.”

Nithiin also made these statements during the promotions of his upcoming movie Extra Ordinary Man.

The Telugu movie stars Nithiin in the role of a junior artiste. Happening actor Sreeleela plays his love interest in the film.

Extra Ordinary Man cast includes Rao Ramesh, Sampath Raj, Harsha Vardhan, Pavitra Lokesh, Dr Rajasekhar, Sudev Nair, Brahmaji, and Rohini.

Vakkantham Vamsi is the director. The film is scheduled for release on 8 December.

The makers released the film’s trailer on Monday evening, 27 November.

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