Nachhindi Girl Friendu review: A love story that treads into stock market scams and financial fraud

This Guru Pawan's directorial falls short in narrating a niche story, but it is a different film altogether.

ByDeepthi Nandan

Published:Nov 11, 2022

Nachhindi Girl Friendu telugu film
The film's title belies the story!

Nachhindi Girl Friendu (Telugu)

  • Cast: Uday Shankar, Jenifer, Madhu Nandan, Gayatri Bhargavi, Prithvi, and Srikant Iyengar
  • Director: Guru Pawan
  • Producer: Atluri Narayan Rao
  • Music: Gifton Elias
  • Runtime: 2 hours 10 minutes

Small-budget flick Nachhindi Girl Friendu released this Friday, 11 November. Though it has been promoted as a love and action entertainer, the film treads into the world of financial fraud and stock market scams.

That’s surely a new zone for a Telugu flick! But will it impress the audience or falls flat? Let’s check.

The movie starts with Raja Ram (Uday Shankar) following Sandhya (Jenifer) in order to woo her.

He challenges his friend Cherry (Madhu Nandan) that he will win Sandhya over at any cost and that too within 24 hours.

Sandhya does fall for Rajaram, but they face bigger challenges ahead and get stuck in a deadly web of a crime perpetrated by Vikram Roy (Saurav Lokesh), a financial fraudster.

Why is Vikram Roy trying to eliminate Raja Ram and Sandhya? How is he related to this young couple? How will Rajaram take on Vikram Roy? These questions form the story of Nachhindi Girl Friendu.

The title belies the story

Nachhindi Girl Friendu takes off as a regular love story but enters the niche zone of stock-market investing and financial frauds.

Director Guru Pawan, who also wrote the story, should be praised for selecting such a concept. But, instead of focusing solely on the main plot, he tries to garnish it with love and romance.

In fact, the title Nachhindi Girl Friendu belies the story!

The director’s effort to expose how unscrupulous financial experts mislead small and middle-class investors in stock markets — and also highlight financial scams — is worthwhile.

But Guru Pawan should have worked more on the script and the screenplay.

Senior actors back up for new faces

Nachhindi Girl Friendu

‘Nachhindi Girl Friendu’ movie poster. (Supplied)

The flick features Uday Shankar as the protagonist. He grabbed a good role and is okay in it.

Jenifer makes her debut as a female lead. Her role is as much important as that of Uday, and she is decent in it.

Saurav Lokesh is impressive as the antagonist.

Besides the new faces, the movie features several senior actors.

Srikant Iyengar plays an important role. Comedian Prudhvi entertains as corrupt cop PayTM Prasad.

Madhunandan stays all through as the hero’s friend. Suman also appears in a key role.

Music and other crafts

Despite Nachhindi Girl Friendu being a small-budget movie, it is shot neatly. The story is set in Visakhapatnam.

Cinematographer Siddam Manohar captures the locales of the coastal city in a scenic manner.

Though there aren’t chartbusters, music director Gifton Elias has done a decent job. However, the action episodes should have been handled in a better way.

Final take

Nachhindi Girl Friendu is not just another love story or action flick. It treads into the territory of financial fraud and stock market scams.

Though it falls short in narrating a niche story, it is a different film altogether.