Mrunal Thakur blushes when asked about her marriage

Even as Mrunal Thakur is busy with a project, rumour mills are agog about her getting married soon which she denied.

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Published Dec 09, 2023 | 6:02 PMUpdated Dec 09, 2023 | 6:02 PM

Mrunal Thakur blushes when asked about her marriage

Actress Mrunal Thakur, known for her lively persona, successfully transitioned from being a serial actress to becoming a leading lady in Bollywood.

And she got closer to the Telugu film industry with Sita Ramam (2022). The film’s success landed her more opportunities in Tollywood.

Mrunal Thakur is currently basking on the success of her latest release — Hi Nanna (2023). Her performance as Yashna is being widely lauded by audiences across industries.

Mrunal carefully chooses the scripts. She prefers meaningful stories instead of just taking any available opportunities.

Even as Mrunal Thakur is busy with a project, there are rumours on social media about her getting married soon.

When asked, the actor said she doesn’t have any plans of marriage at the moment. However, the gossip mongers are still making it their way despite Mrunal Thakur’s clarification.

In a recent interview, when questioned about her marriage plans, Mrunal Thakur blushed saying she will indeed get married soon and share the news with everyone when the time is right.

Hi Nanna runs on the theme of father-daughter bonding.

The story promises an emotional journey of a photographer Viraj who is a single parent, raising his daughter Mahi (Kiara Khanna) while dealing with personal turmoil.

How he falls in love with Yashna (Mrunal Thakur) yet again, what is in store for Mahi—is the story.