Mansoor Ali Khan apologises to Trisha

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan, against whom the Chennai Police registered a case under two sections, finally apologised to actress Trisha.

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Published Nov 24, 2023 | 12:14 PM Updated Nov 24, 2023 | 12:14 PM

Mansoor Ali Khan at a press conference

Actor-producer Mansoor Ali Khan, against whom the Chennai Police registered a case under two sections on the directions of the National Commission for Women, has finally tendered an apology to actress Trisha.

In a cryptic statement in Tamil released through his publicist, Mansoor Ali Khan said, “Yes, when people try to subdue you, you refuse to be subdued. Now, I ask for your forgiveness.”

Wondering if he emerged victorious in the war that happened without swords or bloodshed over the last week, the actor thanked all those who stood by him.

Likening the war of words that happened over the last week to the Kalinga War, Mansoor Ali Khan said, “The Kalinga War has ended. As lakhs of people lay dead, Samrat Ashoka’s heart bled and he adopted the path of Ahimsa. Yes, your conscience is God.”

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Attacks media

Mansoor Ali Khan disclosed that he apologised when the investigating officer pointed out that actress Trisha had been hurt by his comments.

The actor-producer came down heavily on the media for pouncing on him like an eagle waiting to hunt a chicken.

Noting that he spent his youth in the film industry, Mansoor Ali Khan rued that despite positioning himself like a whale, all he had gotten were roles like small fish. “Give me the strength to do productive work at least in the future,” he prayed to God.

After touching upon a number of other controversial issues, Mansoor Ali Khan said, “My co-actress Trisha, forgive me!”

He then called upon the Almighty to grant him the grace to bless Trisha when she got married.

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