Kudimahaan review: Prakash N’s latest directorial makes you laugh your worries away

Based on a real-life incident, the movie is quite hilarious and relatable; the writing, performances, music and visuals complement each other.

ByManigandan KR

Published:Mar 16, 2023

Vijay Sivan Chandhini Tamilarasan in kudimahaan
Clean entertainer!

Kudimahaan (Tamil)

  • Cast: Vijay Sivan, Chandhini Tamilarasan, Suresh Chakravarthy, Namo Narayanan, Sethu Raman, Kathiravan, and Honest Raj
  • Director: Prakash N
  • Producer: S Sivakumar
  • Music: Tanuj Menon
  • Runtime: 2 hours 24 minutes

Director Prakash N’s Kudimahaan is a realistic, refreshing, clean comedy that leaves you highly impressed and vastly satisfied by the time it ends.

Kudimahaan is a combination of two words: Kudi means “to drink” and mahaan means a “great soul”. Through the title, the director tries to convey the idea of his latest release.

It is a genuine comedy that not only keeps you engaged but also thoroughly entertains you.

Surprisingly, most of the actors are relatively inexperienced. However, there is not a single moment in the film that makes you dwell on this fact.

Vijay Sivan, Chandhini Tamilarasan, Suresh Chakravarthy kudimahaan

A still from Prakash N’s ‘Kudimahaan’. (Supplied)

This speaks volumes about the quality work that every single actor who has been entrusted with a role in this movie has delivered.

The writer seems to have derived the humour by carefully observing real-life incidents. That is one major reason why humour works big time here.

Synopsis of Kudimahaan

Kudimahaan revolves around Mathi (Vijay Sivan) who works for a private firm that has been entrusted by banks with the task of replenishing the cashboxes in their ATMs.

Mathi is a teetotaller and a dedicated dad to his two children; he’s a loyal husband to his wife Pavithra (Chandhini Tamilarasan) and a caring son to his alcoholic father Sundaram (Suresh Chakravarthy).

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He is careful not to indulge in any guilty pleasures and works sincerely for the meagre salary paid by his company.

His only weakness, if you can call it that, is that he cannot resist tasty food. Therefore, he keeps eating junk food.

kudimahaan tamil movie

A poster of ‘Kudimahaan’. (ScenarioWorks/Twitter)

Invariably, he gets stomach aches. But like most other men, he chooses to ignore the pain and is unwilling to go to a doctor; for, he has four other mouths to feed at home with the amount he pays for medical tests and medicines.

One day, Mathi and his team visit an ATM to fill out cash. However, his head starts spinning and he feels intoxicated. He behaves like he is drunk and stashes bundles of ₹500 in a box that is meant to be filled with ₹100 notes.

Eventually, he returns home only to get a call from his office late in the night saying a huge mob has gathered in front of the ATM where he went to refill the cash.

The reason: Those withdrawing money from the ATM were getting five times the sum they were looking to withdraw.

Also, while people were withdrawing thousands from the ATM, only hundreds were being debited from their bank accounts!

A stunned Mathi does not know what happened and what he should do next. He rushes to the ATM and locks it but not before a good eight-and-a-half lakh disappears.

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The bank is furious with Mathi’s firm which, in turn, fires him. It is then that Mathi visits a doctor to get himself checked to know why he behaved in an intoxicated manner.

prakash n's kudimahaan poster

A poster of ‘Kudimahaan’. (ScenarioWorks/Twitter)

The doctor examines him and discloses that he suffers from a rare syndrome called ABS. The doctor tells him that those with the syndrome are bound to have alcohol produced in their bodies every time they consume foods high in carbohydrates.

Mathi goes back to his firm and the bank with this explanation and pleads with them to give him back his job. They agree to take him back only if he pays the money the bank has lost.

Determined to get back the money from those who withdrew money from the ATM on the fateful day, Mathi sets out on a mission. What happens next is what Kudimahaan is all about.

Clean comedy and convincing performances

The film is based on a real-life incident and therefore is relatable. The manner in which the story has been narrated is highly enjoyable.

Vijay Sivan and Chandini, who play the lead roles, deliver neat and convincing performances.

In the first half, the humour comes in from the antics of Mathi’s dad (played by Suresh Chakravarthy) and Mathi himself.

Vijay Sivan in kudimahaan

Actor Vijay Sivan in ‘Kudimahaan’. (ScnearioWorks/Twitter)

While the first half is more serious in nature, the second half is outrageously hilarious with three drunkards — Madhusoodhanan (Namo Narayanan) and his two sidekicks Avasara (Honest Raj) and Amirtham (GR Kathiravan) — offering to help Mathi recover the money that people took from the ATM.

Namo Narayanan, in particular, is outstanding. He is provided with ample support by Honest Raj and Kathiravan.

Kudimahaan’s comedy quotient goes up even more with handsome contributions from GL Sethuraman (who plays a miffed bridegroom) and Dennis (who plays a delivery boy who wears a “pavadai” — an inskirt — at home). They all deliver an immensely enjoyable comedy.

Most importantly, all the jokes in the film are clean and can be enjoyed with the entire family.

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The movie also has neat music and visuals. Even a song at the bar is entertaining with a fine dance performance by Mani Chandra.

Director Prakash delivers a winner that is bound to make you laugh your worries away.


No big stars, no big comedians, and no big brands involved and yet, Kudimahaan is highly entertaining. It is worth your time and money.

(Views expressed are personal.)