Bisi-Bisi Ice-Cream review: This serving is a scoop full of quirk, but could melt easily

The plot of may be predictable, but the film's charm lies in Arvind's unique and quirky storytelling style, which makes each scene engaging.

BySunayana Suresh

Published:Jul 05, 2024

A poster of Bisi-Bisi Ice-Cream

Bisi-Bisi Ice-Cream (Kannada)

05-07-2024, Comedy, Romantic, 2 hours 12 minutes U/A
  • Main Cast:Aravinnd Iyer, Siri Ravikumar, Gopalkrishna Deshpande, Shanil Guru, Lasya Nagaraj, Sonu Venugopal
  • Director:Arvind Sastry
  • Producer:Akshara Bharadwaj
  • Music Director:Nakul Abhyankar
  • Cinematography:Enosh Olivera



Bisi-Bisi Ice-Cream, Arvind Sastry’s latest offering, follows the life of depressed cab driver Raghava, and what happens in his almost non-existent life, when a new woman, who is an escort, moves in, as his neighbour. The film is a quirky comedy of errors that also involves a pimp Mahantesh, who goes by Manto.

Arvind Sastry proved that he has a unique voice and way of looking at Bengaluru with his debut feature film Kahi (2015) which even fetched him a State Award. In his latest venture, he showcases a mix of both sides of Bengaluru, the underbelly and the glamorous side, with the three protagonists playing a cab driver, an escort and a pimp.

A quirky approach to filmmaking

The story of Bisi-Bisi Ice-Cream is rather predictable, but what makes the film engaging is the quirky approach Arvind uses in telling each scene. The characters are rid of any affectation and one gets to see people without filters. The city is showcased as a dog-eat-dog arena, where a single, depressed, and sulking cab driver tries to lead his life hidden in the shadows in sincerity.

A still from 'Bisi Bisi Ice Cream'. (X)

A still from ‘Bisi Bisi Ice-Cream’. (X)

A ray of hope enters in his life when he sees a woman move in as his neighbour. Raghav’s naivete is shown when he is seen asking questions like, “Are you a police, because you always wear a helmet”, to her.

The duo bond over cigarettes and silences as the connection strengthens over time. Manto, a pimp, enters both their lives and plays disruptor. Will they be able to find happiness?

Aptly cast; good performances 

What is admirable is the atypical approach Arvind has. This is complimented well by Enosh Olivera’s cinematography and Nakul Abhyankar’s music.

The three lead actors, Siri, Aravinnd, and Gopalkrishna are apt for their roles and deliver well. One only wishes the filmmaker had put in a little more effort for a closure to the story in the end, as it leaves one a tad underwhelmed.

Final take

Bisi-Bisi Ice-Cream is novel and quirky for those who like experimental films. But be prepared as it might just leave you wanting a little more and with a feeling of missing pieces after you have watched it.

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