Interview: Satyadev opens up on his role in Godfather; reveals why Chiranjeevi is indeed a megastar

Every piece of advice that Chiranjeevi gives comes loaded with 45 years of experience, says 'Godfather' actor Satyadev.

ByBhawana Tanmayi

Published Oct 01, 2022 | 8:00 AMUpdatedOct 01, 2022 | 8:00 AM

Satyadev with Chiranjeevi Godfather

Actor Satyadev is super excited about his upcoming film Godfather with megastar Chiranjeevi. This Telugu film, which is releasing in multiple languages, is an official remake of Malayalam film Lucifer. Satyadev plays Nayanthara’s husband in the film. Which means he has stepped into Vivek Oberoi’s shoes and plays the antagonist in the film. In an interview to South First as part of the film’s promotions, Satyadev spoke about working with Chiranjeevi in the film.

Q. So how was it when you came to know you are going to be a part of Godfather?

A. Annaya (Chiranjeevi) invited me for lunch during one of his film shoots. As I reached there, he started telling me the story of a film. I began wondering why Annaya was telling me the story. It was a strange experience that I had never even dreamt of.

I am his die-hard fan and he is someone I consider my mentor. So, I was surprised when he began telling me the story. In between, he looked at me and asked, “Am I not telling the story correctly? Shall I ask the director to tell you?”

I replied, “You telling me a story is like a dream. But I don’t understand why you are explaining the story. I will do it if you just tell me to do it.” Later, he asked me whether I had seen the original film, Lucifer. I replied I had not, and that I would not, but I would do the film for sure.

That moment when Chiranjeevi Garu asked me to do a film, I was so happy. But while playing the role, I understood the depth in the character. And I started to feel tense.(laughs)

Q. How did you feel when Chiranjeevi appreciated your performance?

Actor Satyadev

Actor Satyadev who plays the villain in ‘Godfather’. (Supplied)

A. I heard that Annaya had complimented me. I can’t put my happiness into words. I have loved Chiranjeevi Garu since my childhood. I dreamt of becoming an actor because of him. I became an actor using my love for him as inspiration. It was an indescribable feeling when Annaya appreciated my performance. It was like my dream came true.

Q. How did it feel to act with the megastar?

A. Dialogue writer Lakshmi Bhupala has made the dialogues quite simple. On the set, Mohan Raja would sit in front of the monitor and calmly ask us to start the scene. But for me, it was like I was at war.

But Annaya kept me in my comfort zone. Even after his shot was over, he used to be by my side to help me. Though I was tense when I was next to him, I understood he had given me a huge responsibility as an actor. So, it was my duty to do that job properly. Compared to that responsibility, all other fears were nothing.

Q. How apt is the Godfather story for Chiranjeevi?

A. It is a 100 percent perfect story that suits Annaya’s grace and aura. His look has also been completely changed in the movie. He is in a never-seen-before avatar. The scenes are so explosive. The interval block is my favourite part. The “Thar Maar” song will also rock on the big screen.

Q. How was interacting with Chiranjeevi on the sets? Truly a megastar?


Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan in a scene from ‘Godfather’. (Supplied)

A. If you see him in real life, you will understand why he is called megastar. He is a very disciplined person. Very energetic. He does not sit idle on the sets. He is always very active, moving around, learning every dialogue and thinking about the next scene. I think that’s why he is called a megastar. I became a fan after seeing him on screen. After seeing him off-screen, the love grew even more. I learned many things from him. Every advice and suggestion he gives comes loaded with 45 years of experience. If he suggests something to us, we can do it with our eyes closed. The result can be seen on the screen.

Q. We hear you have a 14-minute action scene with Chiranjeevi in the climax. Can you explain that?

A. That 14-minute action scene in the climax stands out as one of the major highlights of the film. However, there are many more scenes in the film that will give us goosebumps.