Masculinity is not the only form of strength: Nithya Menen

Independent and signing on films on her own terms, the actor-producer says she doesn’t believe in the rat race but focuses on the roles she essays.

ByLatha Srinivasan

Published Sep 19, 2022 | 11:49 AMUpdatedSep 19, 2022 | 11:49 AM

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Her latest film Thiruchitrambalam with Dhanush is a super hit, and the movie has just completed a month in theatres in Chennai.

From Malayalam cinema to Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, Nithya Menen has aced them all and she’s clear on what she wants to do next. The Amazon Prime Breathe Season 2 actor has dreams of directing and is busy working on a few scripts as well.

In a quick chat with South First she says, “I’m now on break at home in Bengaluru and spending time just getting plenty of sleep so I can come back fully charged. People think I’m a big foodie because of my size but I’m not. I enjoy other things when I’m at home.”

Recently, Nithya turned producer for her Telugu film Skylab (2021) and what makes her unique is that she takes up any project she finds exciting and different.

Her decisions, she says, are ‘spontaneous rather than deeply thought-out’ and that’s why she keeps surprising the audience. Independent and signing on films on her own terms, Nithya says she doesn’t believe in the rat race but focuses on the roles she essays.

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Nithya Menen says her decisions are ‘spontaneous rather than deeply thought-out’. (ItsNithyaMenen/Facebook)

The characters that she plays on screen have always embodied the feminine and Shobana in Thiruchitrambalam was perhaps one of the most lovable female characters in recent times.

About masculinity Vs femininity

Nithya has always spoken about the need to retain masculinity versus femininity in the sexes and perhaps in the characters too.

Explains Nithya, “What I said was there is strength in being feminine. To consider masculinity as the only real form of strength is what I have a problem with. I think I am a feminist in saying something like that. To compare everything a woman does to what a man does is not apt — like saying I’ll run a marathon when I have my periods or do kickboxing.:

“Physical strength is not the only strength. I like kickboxing but I don’t consider that as adding to my strengths. Women are some of the strongest people. So why do you see only masculinity as a form of strength?”

“I think creative energy is one of the most beautiful forms of strength. The moment we encourage this form of understanding of strength we lose the feminine energy and I think that’s dangerous,” she adds.

Nithya’s thoughts on spirituality

nithya menen in skylab

Nithya Menen turned producer for her Telugu film Skylab in 2021. (ItsNithyaMenen/Facebook)

As a person, Nithya thinks it’s important to look inward and discover oneself and open up to the world of possibilities. Is she spiritual? She laughs and says, “I am, I think. But it’s quite paradoxical to say that. Spirituality does everything for you — if you want to be a happy, healthy, productive human being, you have to go inwards.”

“In my opinion, spirituality is a journey of going inward — it’s about self-discovery, not finding someone or something else. In that journey, you find much bigger possibilities and that’s what spirituality is for me. If you know how to tap into it, then everything gets better for you.”

Right now, Nithya has four projects including two with Amazon Prime: Breathe’s next season and a Telugu original series. Let’s hope she makes her directorial announcement soon too!