INTERVIEW: Chandini Chowdary recalls her struggles shooting in Himalayas for ‘Gaami’

'Gaami' was filmed in real locations like Varanasi, Kumbh Mela, Kashmir, and the Himalayas. Chandini Chowdary was the only woman in the team.

ByPrakash Pecheti

Published Mar 05, 2024 | 1:43 PMUpdatedMar 05, 2024 | 1:43 PM

Chandini Chowdary gets candid about Gaami

“Mass Ka Das” Vishwak Sen’s ambitious project Gaami is set for release in theatres on 8 March. Chandini Chowdary is playing the female lead.

Vidyadhar Kagita is the director. Karthik Sabreesh is producing it under the banner of Karthik’s Kult Creations.

Gaami was crowdfunded and is presented by V Celluloid.

Its promotional content has generated significant buzz and the project received tremendous response on social media.

Actor Chandini Chowdary recently discussed her character in a press interview. Here are the excerpts:

About joining Gaami

Q. Gaami must have been a long journey for you. When did you join the project?

Chandini Chowdary at Gaami promotions

Chandini Chowdary at ‘Gaami’ promotions. (X)

A. I’ve been with Gaami since the beginning. During the sets of Manu (2018), I met director Vidyadhar Kagita, and that’s when my journey with Gaami started.

The term Gaami originally means seeker—someone who achieves his destination.

We filmed in real locations like Varanasi, Kumbh Mela, Kashmir and the Himalayas. I was the only woman in the team. We’d all pile into a bus and shoot until sunset.

The shooting conditions were tough. There was no access to washrooms and water was not potable. We endured this for nearly a month.

The stunts in the film are real. Walking on the ice had its risks. One wrong step could be life-threatening. Once, I had to throw away my luggage and leap to safety.

Q. Despite having the option to pursue commercial films, why did you opt for such a challenging route with Gaami?

A. I’m capable of doing commercial films, and I’ve done it in the past. However, my entry into the film industry was driven by passion.

When I hear certain stories, I cannot resist the urge to be a part of them.

The narrative of Gaami struck deeply with me, and I knew I had to be part of this. It’s a project that has brought me immense satisfaction.

After the recognition for my performance in Colour Photo (2020), I’m now focused on improving my craft and delivering even better work.

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A grand canvas

Vishwak Sen in Gaami

Vishwak Sen in ‘Gaami’. (X)

Q. Did you anticipate that Gaami would take five years to complete?

A. I knew from the outset that Gaami would be a time-consuming project. The story demanded a grand canvas, and we opted for a limited crew.

Additionally, our director Vidyadhar is meticulous about every aspect of filmmaking, striving for perfection.

Filming took place in various challenging weather conditions. It demanded more time. However, the result speaks for itself – the visuals are truly breathtaking.

Witnessing the trailer on the IMAX screen filled me with tears of joy, knowing that my hard work had paid off.

Q. Tell us more about your character in the film.

My character in Gaami intertwines with Vishwak’s role. The climax of Gaami is truly fantastic, and I’m confident that everyone will appreciate it.

A film like Gaami is unprecedented in Telugu cinema, and its success could pave the way for more remarkable stories in the future.

Q. Tell us about your 10-year journey in the industry. How do you feel?

It’s a truly surreal feeling.

When I first stepped into this world, I was an inexperienced artiste. Over the years, I’ve learned invaluable lessons. I believe in constantly moving forward — whether there are options or not.

Every opportunity deserves dedication. Completing a decade in this industry is a significant milestone for me. As for the roles I enjoy, I’m open to a diverse range. I prefer roles where I feel comfortable and can fully immerse myself.

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