Interview: Sinam is close to my heart and my performance will be spoken about, says Arun Vijay

The "Tamil Rockerz" actor ensures that his roles are different from his earlier films, and the character has some exciting elements in terms of performance.

ByLatha Srinivasan

Published Sep 13, 2022 | 9:00 AMUpdatedSep 13, 2022 | 9:00 AM

tamil actor arun vijay

We all know Arun Vijay is a talented actor and in 2022 he came out all guns blazing with a superhit film, Yaanai, directed by Hari, and a successful OTT debut, Tamil Rockerz, directed by Arivazhagan.

Now, his film Sinam, a home production, directed by GNR Kumaravelan, is up for release on 16 September and Arun Vijay has been busy promoting the film across various cities.

In between the hectic schedule, the actor took time out to chat with South First about his latest film, what he learnt from his lows, his OTT debut and more.

Q. How is Sinam different from your recent releases?

A. Sinam is definitely a need-of-the-hour script and it’s talking about an issue which everyone hears about and gets angry with. There needs to be a solution to the problem. It’s also produced by my home banner, so the film is close to my heart. I’m sure that the audience will appreciate the film and my performance will be spoken about.

Q. You play a cop in Sinam but you’ve played a cop earlier as well (Kuttram 23 and web series Tamil Rockerz). Was this an exciting role for you?

arun vijay in sinam

Actor Arun vijay in Sinam. (arunvijayno1/Twitter)

A. Yes, I played a cop earlier but in this film, there’s a more realistic approach. I play Paari Venkat, an SI, and the story revolves around his family and him. Situations change his life and how he deals with it is what the film is about.

I totally underplay the character so the performance is different from what I have done earlier. There’s a lot of depth in the character and the anger he feels will connect with the audience.

Q. Are you concerned you are getting stereotyped as a cop?

A. I had the feeling but I realised it’s not true because playing a cop we are dealing with different issues. The characterisations and storylines are different for every cop role. I used to ask my directors if I won’t get typecast and they told me heroes like Vijaykanth and Jaishankar did some 25 films where they played a cop successfully. But I think I’m going to keep the cop roles aside for a few years — Sinam would be the last film for now.

Q. In recent years you have seen a lot of success but you had your share of lows also. How do you feel at this stage in your career?

A. I am happy that my work has been received well and it’s great encouragement. The audience showers me with a lot of love when I attempt something different and it makes me happy. It gives me more confidence to select good and different scripts. I’ve had my share of lows as well and it taught me a lot of things.

It gave me time to think about what has been going wrong and I corrected myself. I’m happy with the way things are going but cautious and more responsible in selecting my scripts. From January, I’ve not committed to any new projects; I wanted the three films which I completed during the lockdown to release.

Commercially, Yaanai did really well and it took me into the households across Tamil Nadu and I’m elated. I want to entertain the audience and surprise them in each film!

Q. You made an impressive OTT debut with Tamil Rockerz. Are you looking to doing more web series?

A. I was apprehensive about it when I signed on but the way it has reached people is wonderful. I decided to do this series because I’ve always felt comfortable working with director Arivazhagan.

AVM gave me confidence because they are coming back with a bang and it was an honour working in their banner. It was a great experience. Maybe I’ll do Season 2 as well, as talks are on now. Aside from that, I’m really busy with films so I’ll be concentrating more on them.

Q. What do you look for when you sign a film?

A. When I listen to a script, I listen to it like an audience member and see how well it connects and engages me. Then I look at my character. I ensure that the roles are different from my earlier films and the character has some exciting elements in terms of performance.

Q. Lastly, what are some of the new projects you are looking forward to?

A. The last few years I didn’t have any releases and this year I have three releases. I’m happy about that! Now, I’m looking forward to interesting scripts and working with new directors.

It’s all about designing a film and giving the audience a good theatrical experience. I’m taking one film at a time. The next film I’m doing is with director AL Vijay; it’s a very interesting script which is going to be shot in London.