I haven’t disappeared, says ‘Ullozhukku’ actor Parvathy Thiruvothu

If better opportunities arise from other industries, I'm open to exploring them, adds the Malayalam actor.

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Published Jun 19, 2024 | 9:29 PM Updated Jun 20, 2024 | 1:16 PM

Parvathy Thiruvothu is eagerly awaiting the release of her Malayalam outing, 'Ullozhukku'. (Facebook)

Parvathy Thiruvothu, anticipating the release of Ullozhukku, recently addressed her hiatus from Malayalam cinema, in an interview.

Lalanna’s Song (2022) remains Parvathy’s most recent Malayalam outing. In 2023, she starred in the Telugu series, Dhootha and the Hindi film, Kadak Singh. Despite this, she doesn’t perceive herself as being absent from the industry.

In the interview, Parvathy attributed the changing market dynamics as a key factor influencing her reduced involvement in Malayalam cinema in recent years.

Parvathy clarified, “I haven’t disappeared. It’s not like moving from one district to another. The industry has undergone significant changes, and one must adapt. If better opportunities arise from other industries, I’m open to exploring them.”

‘Not easy to release films, these days’

A poster of 'Ullozhukku'.

A poster of ‘Ullozhukku’. (Supplied)

The actor pointed out that experiencing long gaps in her career is not unfamiliar, citing how she patiently waited for the right projects even in her early years.  She recalled an instance, stating, “It took me four years to do Bangalore Days (2014) after City of God (2011). Even though many saw it as my comeback, I didn’t perceive it that way.”

Parvathy also pointed out the difficulties associated with theatrical releases in the current scenario.

She explained, “At times, a film may initially aim for a theatrical release but ends up on OTT platforms instead. This isn’t a negative outcome. The crucial thing is ensuring the film reaches its audience.”

Meanwhile, Ullozhukku, directed by Christo Tomy (who helmed Netflix’s 2023 true-crime documentary Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case), is scheduled for release in theaters on 21 June.

The movie features Parvathy alongside veteran actor Urvashi and explores an intense family crime drama unfolding against the backdrop of Kerala’s floods, delving into deep-seated family secrets and conflicts.

Ullozhukku also features Shebin Benson, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Veena Nair, and Alencier Ley Lopez in prominent roles. The film’s music is composed by Sushin Shyam, while Shehnad Jalal handles the cinematography and Kiran Das takes charge of editing.

Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Honey Trehan, and Abhishek Chaubey under RSVP and MacGuffin Pictures, Ullozhukku brings together a talented team to bring its narrative to life.

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