Hyper Aadi appeals to Jana Sena supporters, says Pawan Kalyan is committed to selfless service

Hyper Aadi praised Pawan Kalyan for prioritising people's issues over the money he could make in films.

BySouth First Desk

Published Feb 27, 2024 | 6:15 PMUpdatedFeb 27, 2024 | 6:15 PM

Hyper Aadi with Pawan Kalyan

In the forthcoming 2024 elections in Andhra Pradesh, Jana Sena Party plans to contest only 24 Assembly seats and three Lok Sabha constituencies.

Meanwhile, social media is abuzz with speculations and rumours about possible seats that the Jana Sena would field its candidates.

A few party members and supporters are expressing their discontent as the Jana Sena is contesting limited seats.

Amid this, TV artiste-comedian Hyper Aadi, a staunch follower of Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan, explained the reason and rationale behind Jana Sena’s decision to contest limited seats.

Hyper Aadi praised Kalyan for prioritising people’s issues over the money he could make in films.

He hailed Pawan Kalyan’s dedication to running the party from his pockets. He mentioned that the actor-politician borrowed a loan to run and make crucial decisions in this election.

Hyper Aadi avowed that despite being in the opposition, Pawan Kalyan has been supporting tenant farmers by spending money from his children’s funds.

The TV artiste also urged Jana Sana supporters to respect Pawan Kalyan’s decisions and refrain from criticising him.

Praising Pawan Kalyan for his selfless service, Hyper Aadi said Kalyan is the only political leader investing his funds in the welfare of the people.

With elections possibly scheduled for April, details about the constituency from which Pawan Kalyan would contest are still uncertain. Hyper Aadi described Pawan Kalyan as a leader committed to serving the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Reports suggest that he would contest from the Bhimavaram or Tirupati Assembly segment.