‘Hanu-Man’ makers to release 3D version soon?

The key question is, will the audience be interested in experiencing 'Hanu-Man' in 3D technology again in theatres?

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Published Jan 31, 2024 | 3:59 PMUpdatedJan 31, 2024 | 3:59 PM

Hanu-Man to be released in 3D soon?

The Telugu superhero film Hanu-Man, which reached unimaginable figures at the box office, has crossed the ₹275-crore mark in just 19 days and is eyeing ₹300-crore club in the coming days.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that director Prashant Varma and his team are planning to release Hanu-Man in 3D and see how visually stunning the film would be in theatres.

Sources say 3D-related works have already begun.

A portion of the movie was made in 3D and was screened at a multiplex in Hyderabad. The 3D portion is learnt to have received positive feedback from the viewers.

Satisfied with the preliminary response, the team started the production of the 3D version of Hanu-Man.

However, the key question here is, will the audience be interested in experiencing Hanu-Man in 3D technology again in theatres?

It may be recalled that SS Rajamouli’s RRR (2022) did not get good feedback for its 3D format. Hence, it remains uncertain as to how the audience will respond to Hanu-Man‘s 3D version.

Hanu-Man‘s storyline boasts intriguing elements. For instance, in the interval episode, Teja Sajja valiantly fights against villains. All these may have a fresh perspective in the 3D version.

However, it remains doubtful whether audiences will flock to theatres and pay an additional ₹30 over the current ticket price.

As the competition among big movies is set to intensify post-February, Prashanth Varma’s team should release the 3D version at the earliest since Hanu-Man will be premiered on OTT in March.

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